26th Dec 2020

Lord Jagannath Temple

Photo of 14 BEST PLACE TO VISITE IN PURI: PURI by Jyotirmaya Prasad Behera

Orissa is famous in name of Lord Jagannath Temple and Lord Jagannath Temple is among four Dham. As per the Hindu culture, one should visit Lord Jagannath Temple in his/ her life and it is one of the holy pilgrimage sites for Hindues.

Puri is one Dham of amount four Dham. Worldwide travelers are coming to this place throughout the year. Another name of Puri is Lord Jagannath dham. The travelers are come to this place to spend some time. This location is the best place/ location in India to spend the amazing moment of life. But who every well known those area / site, only those persons are / were covered.

Puri is such a place if someone stays for a long time, he / she may not feel bore. other than unaware about the other place in puri. Everyone knows the best and magnificent place around Puri but all are not aware of the magnificent place in puri.

This place is a holy place for Hindu but except temple, other places have attracted the tourist for other religion. The following place should visit:-

Everyone in the world knows about Lord Jagannath and Jagannath Temple. The temple is the best place who can spend the whole day. Whatever sound may be outside of the temple but the said sound cannot enter into the campus of the temple. The campus has a facility for "Prasad Seven".

Gundicha Temple is one of the important temples which have connected with Lord Jagannath Temple. The importance of the temple comes during Rath Yatra (Charity). Gundicha Temple is known in name of Maushi Maa Temple. This is the Maushi or Aunt's house of Lord Jagannath. This temple is located at the end of the "Badadanda" or near the bus Stand.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Mythology says that this temple (Lord Shiva) has some connection with Ramayan. The location of the temple attracts travelers. This temple is just 2 KM from Jagannatha Temple.

Narendra Pokhara is one of the best places in puri town where the lord Jagannath plays the boating with Pandavas. this tank is located western gate of the temple. The traveler should visit this place.

Badadanda which means Grand Road or Big Road. The importance of the road comes during the Ratha Yatra. And throughout the year except for Rath Yatra, the importance of the road is for some other purpose like the best hotel, market, bus stand etc. Badadanda is only one market in Orissa which is open for 24 hours throughout the years and 24 hours is crowded.

Raghurajpur is known for its art crafts work and heritage crafts village in Puri district. In this village, the artists are masters of Pattachitra painting. This Pattachitra has great demand in the world market. This village provides pattachitra paint throughout the world. The production of the Village is bags, and other arts gifts which have the magnificent picture on them. Due to the arts, the travelers are interested to take those materials and another thing is its cost. The cost of those materials is very less.

The beach has divided into three-part as per the direction of north to south. All three beaches have great demand by the travelers and throughout the year, day and night are crowded. Many travelers come to sit along and make their minds fresh. This beach is Goa of Orissa / Odisha. Many couples are come to this place to enjoy life. The east side beach is danger beach but this three beach is somehow safe. Some differences have between these beaches which are discussed below.

Main Sea Beach is located at Beach Road. This beach is more crowded than other beach and in this beach have some water ride facility for travelers. It is free fees beach. After 10 Pm, this beach is prohibited for travelers.

This beach is opened last year which is a paid beach. This beach is taken by a private company and the said company has developed this beach for visitors. Due to magnificent arts, wonderful natural scenario, this beach has attracted travelers.

This beach is located at Chakratitha Road. The person who is stayed at hotels of Chakratitha Road for them it is the best beach. Many couples have a first preference for this beach.

Gandhi Park in Puri is a famous park which is located on the bank of the sea beach. This park is developed by the Puri authority and it is a big park within the district. The travelers who are stayed on the beach road, for them it is very comfortable because it is nearest for them. The authority keeps this park clean. One Mahatma Gandhi statue is placed in the middle of the park for which this park name Gandhi park. It is also one of the attraction places for travelers.

Everyone likes water parks and the water park charm is very unique and different from other entertainment. From children to middle age person maximum prefer water parks and in Orissa, such types of modern water parks are not available but somehow this park is good for entertainment. there are two water park in Puri town as:-

This water park is located 5 Km from Chakratitha road, Puri-Konark Road. Many travelers are unaware of such type of water park. In my opinion, this water park has a large riding and facility than other water parks in Orissa. This water park open in year 2017.

This water park is not huge like Blue shark but it has great popularity in Puri town. This park is also situated 5 km from puri to Bhubaneswar National High way.

Sudarshan Crafts Museum is an art gallery where one can find out the arts of Stone Sculpture, wooden Sculpture, metalwork, fabric work art gallery. This museum is famous within this locality but the travelers are not aware of this art gallery. In this art, the gallery is established by Mr. Sudarshan Sahoo in the year 1977 at Station Road, Puri.

Pattachitra which means the paint on cloth. The mythology story of Lord Jagannath has been craved in the shape of pattachitra. The stories are painted as frames, scrolls. To make a pattachitra is one type of art and the artists are only available in Puri, Orissa. The collection of pattachitra put on the gallery for the travelers to attract this art gallery center.

Except for the above place other best places or locations are out of town for which those locations are not in the above list. The other best location is f such as Konark, Astaranga Beach, Chillika Lake, Nalabana Bird Sanctuary, Ansupa Lake, Khandagiri caves etc.