15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts by Kuntala Banerjee

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to venture out on the roads and enjoy the winter thrills? North, south, east or west, India has a plethora of road trips for a stunning experience. Traversing through the mountain trails capped with snow, or the gorgeous beaches, the roads in India offer some goose bump feelings along with a memorable trip. You can spend a fun-packed vacation driving a car or hiring a cab; a way to relax from the hassles of daily life.

Let us check out some of the incredible winter road trips across India, starting from the snowy mountain trails.

1. Delhi-Shimla-Kinnaur-Spiti

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts 1/15 by Kuntala Banerjee
Image by rachittrehan from Pixabay

Spiti Valley, with its fascinating valleys and picturesque landscape, is a dream destination for many. Imagine a road trip starting from Delhi towards Spiti valley via Shimla and Kinnaur, breathtaking indeed! You get the opportunity to view the stunning Dhankar and Chandrataal Lakes and the beautiful Key, Tabo, and Lhalung monasteries. There are some serene and quaint hamlets along the trip, sure to soothe your tiredness. Enjoy the vivid culture, food and stays along the road trip.

Travel distance: 730 km, majorly through the NH3 highway

Travel time: 17 hours

2. Jammu-Anantnag-Aharbal

The Jammu-Anantnag-Aharbal winter road trip is a lifetime experience as well as a memorable one. The snow-capped mountains throughout the journey is a treat to the eyes. If you are interested to know about the locals, then you can do so by visiting the nearby villages. Besides, you can interact with the Army personnel and get to know about their ways of working in the hilly regions. The end point of the road trip, Aharbal, is an excellent spot adorned by frozen waterfalls, and snow-filled water lakes.

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Travel distance: 260 km, majorly through the NH44 highway

Travel time: 8 hours

3. Delhi-Chopta

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts 3/15 by Kuntala Banerjee
Image by varungautam2111999 from Pixabay

What if you get a chance to visit an offbeat and unexplored destination while passing across a scenic landscape? Isn't it a stirring experience? The road route from Delhi to Chopta valley will provide such a unique feeling. Reaching a height of about 8790 feet above sea level via a car is indeed a thrilling experience. You can opt for two different routes. The route 1 starts from Delhi and reaches Chopta via Sonipat, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Srinagar. The route 2 traverses through Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Srinagar.

Travel distance: 403 km, majorly through the NH7 highway

Travel time: 11.5 hours

4. Lucknow-Munsiyari

How about embarking on a road trip whose end point is a cosy hamlet, nestled within the majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges? Well, a gorgeous experience to witness. The trip demands rise up to a level of 7540 feet above the sea level. A charming route, providing ample opportunities to observe the looming mountain peaks, and splendid valleys. The road trip is perfect for travellers who love nature, mountains, and glaciers.

Travel distance: 568 km, majorly through the NH7 highway

Travel time: 14 hours

5. Siliguri-Gangtok-Mangan

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts 5/15 by Kuntala Banerjee
Image by Labun Hang Limboo from Pixabay

Siliguri, Gangtok and Mangan are three scenic sightseeing spots, spread across the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain ranges. Travelling along this route is epic as you witness the divine monasteries, charming villages, dense forests and the tranquil sceneries. Onwards to your journey, you can visit the local markets and meet the people to check out some folk arts, handmade exhibits and savour some traditional foods.

Travel distance: 217 km, majorly through the NH10 highway and the Gangtok-Chungthang Road

Travel time: 8 hours

6. Amritsar-Bharmour

Travelling to the mountains is a bliss for many. But exploring the life of nomadic tribes along with it, is somewhat a different experience. Yes, that's Bharmour in Himachal Pradesh, where you can feel the difference especially when you approach the place by road. The best road trip to reach Bharmour is from Amritsar. Its like initiating from a religious holy place and ending at a destination blessed with nature's beauty. Orchards and farmsteads greet the travellers in this road trip.

Travel distance: 280 km, majorly through the NH54 highway

Travel time: 8 hours

7. Delhi-Katra-Patnitop

If you want to go for a road trip mixed with divinity and nature's beauty combined, the best option is to start from Delhi and go for Katra and Patnitop. At Katra, you can spend time visiting the famous temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi. After seeking blessings of the Goddess, you can start your journey towards Patnitop. The drive is scenic with views of the snow-capped mountain peaks and the winter chills. You can try for some winter sports and activities, once you each Patnitop.

Travel distance: 715 km, majorly through the NH44 highway

Travel time: 14 hours

8. Pahalgam-Gulmarg-Srinagar-Sonmarg

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts 8/15 by Kuntala Banerjee
Image by Rhugved Kandpile from Pixabay

Want to experience an amalgamation of nature's flora in an entire road trip? Then you must venture out for the Pahalgam-Gulmarg-Srinagar-Sonmarg road trip. Snow clad mountains, lakes and glaciers treat the eyes at Pahalgam. As you move towards Gulmarg, you can spend some ample time enjoying the winter sports and activities. The route towards Sonmarg (The meadow of Gold) via Srinagar is breathtaking, passing across the Sindh river and the snowy mountains.

Travel distance: 280 km, majorly through the NH1 highway

Travel time: 8 hours

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9. Mumbai-Goa-Gokarna

Photo of 15 Winter Road Trips across India, Sure to Steal Your Hearts 9/15 by Kuntala Banerjee
Image by Sumit Thukral from Pixabay

Goa and Gokarna are two incredible places to visit in India. Flanked by sandy golden beaches with views of the sunrise and sunset, they allure tourists all throughout the year. The road trip from Mumbai to Goa is very common among the travellers and if you extend it till Gokarna, the excitement further magnifies. Experiencing the soothing breeze in the air, and observing the palm and coconut trees near the beaches are a perfect delight for a road trip.

Travel distance: 737 km

Travel time: 15 hours

10. Kolkata-Chandipur-Puri

Pick up any local from Kolkata and ask whether they have visited or know about Chandipur and Puri. Majority will say, "Yes", two most common and popular destinations to travel from Kolkata to Odisha. Located along the shores of the Bay of Bengal, a road trip from Kolkata to Chandipur and Puri is perfect for a 3 to 4 days vacation. You can enjoy at the beaches and visit the famous Lord Jagannath temple enroute the journey.

Travel distance: 521 km, majorly through NH16 highway

Travel time: 12 hours

11. Pune-Mahabaleshwar-Ganpatipule

Maharashtra hosts some of the amazing road trips. With the winters not being very chilled, the journeys are relaxing and soothing. One such fabulous road trip starts from Pune and ends at Ganpatipule via Mahabaleshwar. The entire drive is scenic passing across the hills, pristine beaches, dense forests and vegetation. You can also find lakes and temples along the route. Do not miss out tasting some of the local delicacies of Maharashtra.

Travel distance: 312 km, majorly through NH66 and NH48 highways

Travel time: 8 hours

12. Bangalore-Mahabalipuram-Pichavaram

A road trip with beaches, mangrove forests and historic monuments and sculptures. Doesn't it sound interesting? You can experience all at one place in the journey starting from Bangalore and passing across Mahabalipuram and ending at Pichavaram. At Mahabalipuram, you can feel the essence of the picturesque beaches coupled with artistic sculptures, images and monuments proclaiming the rich history of India. Once you reach Pichavaram, you will be overwhelmed with the dense mangrove forests and the estuaries.

Travel distance: 523 km, majorly through NH48 and NH32 highways

Travel time: 10 hours

13. Kozhikode-Kochi-Alleppey-Varkala

Are you an admirer of the coastal towns and their tranquil beaches? Then you must surely think of a road trip starting from Kozhikode and spanning across Kochi and Alleppey to reach Varkala. Backwaters, lagoons and beaches are a specialty of this road journey. It is wonderful to experience the beauty of the beaches at the backdrop of the vast oceans and surrounded by lush greenery. It is spectacular to watch the sunset along the journey, with the lights sparkling through the sea waters.

Travel distance: 351 km

Travel time: 8 hours

14. Kanyakumari-Rameshwaram-Dhanushkodi

Think of beaches in the southern part of India and the one that spontaneously comes to our mind is Kanyakumari. Along with it, the circuit of Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi offers a thrilling road trip to embark on. All the three places are significant sightseeing spots. You can start the journey after viewing the sunrise at Kanyakumari. Rameshwaram, situated on the Pamban island, will welcome you with its silent beaches and calm atmosphere. Further along the journey as you arrive at Dhanuskodi, you will find yourself travelling on the beach with the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other.

Travel distance: 330 km via NH44, NH32 and Dhanushkodi road

Travel time: 9 hours

15. Visakhapatnam-Pulicat

Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Vishakhapatnam or Vizag, has some spectacular beaches for a perfect visit. For travellers who love road trips, a journey from Vizag to Pulicat in Tamil Nadu is worth a try. Pulicat is a small historic seashore town, where you can enjoy a peaceful drive along its scenic trails. The weather in the winter season is pleasant and charming; ideal for enjoying the road trip.

Travel distance: 778 km via NH16 highway

Travel time: 14 hours

Road trips offer a plethora of opportunities to observe the beauty of nature. During the winters, the experience is unique. At the hilly areas you can feel the chilling sensation of the winters with the snow-capped mountains, lakes and valleys presenting a view like a dreamland. On the other hand, the beaches in the winter season present a soothing and relaxing sensation. Nonetheless, both have a specialty of their own, which you must experience once in a lifetime.

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