One State, One Road Trip to Discover India like Never Before

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There is nothing like taking an open highway for a vacation. Road trips are not just pocket-friendly but they don't beg for too much of planning in advance, and are the best way to interact with locals, eat authentic food and have a broader perspective of the place. Put the medal on the pedal, and get cracking for these amazing road trips each state of India has to offer. From beaches to hills and deserts to rivers we've got it all covered for you to experience India like never before!

Road trip - Srinagar to Leh

Distance - 435 km

Most travellers prefer to break this journey over two days. After the fairytale city of Srinagar, the road winds higher into the Sonamarg Valley and takes one into the land of the shepherds. After crossing the Zozila paas the first night stop in Kargil as it is roughly halfway. From Kargil, the highway crosses towns of Mulbek, Lamayuru Khaltse, and Basgo that can serve as stopover points for food and have home stays in case of emergencies.

Road trip - Shimla to Sangla (Kinnaur)

Distance - 215 km

The Kinnaur and Spiti Valley drive traverse through lush green valley, orchards, vineyards, snow clad peaks and cold desert mountains. The old Hindustan–Tibet Highway, runs northeast from Shimla through the Kinnaur Valley, providing access to its rich flora and fauna.

Road trip - Rishikesh to Gangotri

Distance - 265 km

The steep climb and picturesque drive from Rishikesh to Gangotri is fast becoming a favourite among biker groups. Until Chamba, the road will remain in excellent condition with a few bad patches in between and the drive will be very scenic. After Chamba though, the road will start to deteriorate but the scenery will remain mesmerising with Ganga following you throughout the journey. Don't forget to walk on A bridge near Bhaironghati, which is apparently, Asia’s highest bridge!

Road trip - Mumbai to Pune express highway

Distance - 95 km

An easy weekend getaway from Pune/Mumbai, a road trip to Lonavala is something that almost all local residents will swear by. The picturesque surroundings and lush green foliage are a great escape from the bustle of city life. Don't forget to savour the chikki.

Road trip - Panjim to Chorla Ghats

Distance - 60 km

The two-lane roads of the Panjim - Belgaum highway is a haven for people seeking for good roads for a smoother drive. These hill-cut roads that wade through the dense forests of western ghats give away a sense of peace and at the same time give a great rush to your adrenaline.

Road trip - Chennai to Pondicherry

Distance - 150 km

This is one of the most beautiful roads in South India that runs parallel with the sea on the side. This stretch of road is known as the East Coast road. This route passes through Mahabalipuram (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kalpakkam (nuclear facility), Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Fort aka Alambara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (with a cool boathouse and water sports facility), Marakkanam (famous for large salt pans)

Road trip - Chandigarh to Amritsar

Distance - 230 km

Drive past the countryside of Punjab with mustard fields on either side of a broad highway. There is a bridge ahead of Kharar where you'll cross the Sutlej river. You can spot a gurudwara on the other side of the bridge, and there is a drive-through wooded road once you cross over. Between Phagwara and Kharar you will spot the Golden Arches and can stop for a bite at McDonald's, KFC. It takes only 4-5 hours to reach this beautiful city of Punjab. Apart from visiting Golden Temple, you may go to historically significant places, like Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border or more religious places like Guru Ke Mahal.

Road trip - Murthal to Delhi

Distance - 45 km.

The first place that you are hit your mind when you are up to treat your palate around Delhi has to be Murthal! The highway itself is busy and the road is wide. if the cool wind that caresses you is filled with an appetising aroma you would know that you are around Murthal.

Road Trip - Thekaddy to Munnar

Distance - 100 km

This highly scenic route takes you through lush greenery, from the wild forests of Thekkady to the hill town of Munnar. Animal sightings are frequent along the way and plenty of tea stalls are dotted on the highway to make this a pleasurable ride.

Road trip - Noida to Agra

Distance - 165 km

Looking for a tech-savvy drive? The youngest Expressway of India, The Yamuna Expressway connects Greater Noida and Agra formerly is 6-lane controlled-access expressway in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Yamuna Expressway is one of the best express highways in India, equipped with the latest technology and all the possible facilities and safety measures.

Road trip - Indore to Mandu

Distance - 95 km

One of the best road trip routes in Madhya Pradesh, Indore to Mandu will help you explore two of the most beautiful cities and their heritage. Some of the interesting sites that you can witness on this road trip tour are Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, Alamgir gate, Hoshang Shah Tomb, Roopmati Pavilion, Baz Bahadur Mahal, Baobab trees, etc.

Nagaland and Manipur

Road trip - Kohima to Phek district-

Distance - 113 km

Explore the legendary naga towns on the way. Whether you venture to the villages just a few hours from Kohima, or to the far-off districts of Phek, you're sure to be engaged by the fascinating tribal village life in Nagaland. Colourful and unusual, it's not something that travellers are used to seeing! spend a night in a homestay with a tribal family. Drive down further to Chakshang tribal at Manipur border.

Road trip - Aizwal to Hmuifang

Distance - 52 km

The road to Hmuifang is an excellent one with lovely views on the way. There are excellent places in between to try some authentic Mizo food around Aibwak and for scenic views around Phulpui.

Road trip - Shillong, Dwaki, Mawlynnong, and Cheerapunji

Distance - 200 km

This epic road trip covers crystal clear lake, wildlife sighting. Living root bridge, waterfalls with a scenic drive along the way.

Road trip - Vijayawada to Rajahmundry

Distance - 160 km

This road trip will take you from the banks of one major river Krishna to the banks of another mighty river Godavari. In our ancient scriptures, it is called the land in between the rivers and one of the most fertile regions in the whole of India. The green paddy fields that stretch before you for miles and miles. With coconut trees and white cranes, your picture of a typical Godavari countryside scene is complete!

Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Road Trip - Guwahati to Tawang

Distance - 520 km

This drive covers the two absolute essentials from the Northeast and a trip just like its two ends that need a couple of days to soak it in. With snow-covered passes, rolling meadows, frozen lakes, gushing rivers and a population made up of hospitable tribal communities it is challenging and spread across an extremely beautiful terrain. A few stops in between are Tezpur, Nameri national park, Jia Bhoroli River, Upper Gompa monastery and the quaint town of Dirang.

Road trip - Puri to Konark

Distance - 35 km

This drive can very well put most of the Eastern states of India to shame. The Puri-Konark highway is one of those beautiful roads for shutterbugs. With plenty of photographic opportunities of the canopy formed by the trees on either side of the road, the soft misty breeze and scenic beauty will leave you mesmerised, now and forever!

Road trip - Gangtok to Nathu la pass

Distance - 56 km

This is one of the unmatched road trips of North-East that you should undertake at least once in life. The hilly terrain challenges the adventure lovers and the beauty of lake Tsmogo on this route attracts nature lovers.

Road trip - Banglore to Bandipur

Distance - 220 km

The Bandipur Forest route to Bangalore is one of the most beautiful trips through forests in India, that you'll ever take. One can take the same road to Ooty from Mysore passing through Bandipur National Park. You might spot deer nonchalantly crossing the road. There are various places for stopovers and eating along the route including McDonald's and Cafe Coffee Day.

Road trip - Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Distance - 550 km

The roads in Rajasthan are in top-notch conditions and are a pleasure to drive in itself. This particular trip is as gorgeous as it can get. You get to drive past sand dunes, camel caravans, temples, forts, palaces, phew, the list goes on! And there are other incredible things that you'll get to experience if and when you cover the distance. You would require at least two to three days to fully enjoy your trip to these cities.

Road trip - Kolkata to Digha

Distance - 180 km

Any Kolkatan will swear by this road journey and for a good reason! The road is basically dotted with plenty of Dhabas. It is lined with green patches all throughout. Digha is a favorite weekend trip option for many East Indians for its short and sweet appeal. Walk along the beach or ride a pony in the shallow waters, two days here will take your mind off things and let you relax.


Road Trip- Ahmedabad to Kutch


Go away for a short weekend holiday to Kutch and enjoy it thoroughly. The road, for the most part, is remote and untamed. The endless expanse of the white salt desert is brilliantly complemented by the colorful life of the people of Kutch and the neighboring handicraft villages, including Nirona, Nakhtarana, and Hodko. Don’t forget to visit the ancient Harrapan ruins of Dholavira and Kutch fossil park on the way.

Andaman and Nicobar

Road Trip- Port Blair to Ross and Smith Islands

Distance-320 Km

Fancy a road trip passing through India's only and unique Jarawa Forest Reserve through a carefully protected convoy in the deep and thick forest plantations? The drive from Port Blair to Ross and Smith islands will pass through forest and creeks. The famous Rangat creek is known for its Mud Volcano and Limestone Caves. The bird watchers can visit Parrot Islands on the way. There are some really long and thick mangrove walks in Rangat. Another key attraction is the Aamkunj beach.

Road trips are the best way to travel. Not only it allows you to customize your itinerary the way you want but also give you complete freedom to visit less popular and more authentic places. If you are struck by wanderlust and want to get out of your comfort zone, take the above mentioned trips one at a time and discover India like never before.

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