5 Most Spectacular Routes In India You Cannot Ignore For Your Next Road Trip


In these busy times, road trips function as a fun way of bringing together everyone for a long period of time. Travelling in a car with family and friends promises many exciting dynamics along the relatively long journey. We finally find time to talk to each other, eat at new outlets along the highways, introduce each other to our respective favourite songs, and do just about everything under the sun.

And if you are on a bike, this is the best time to get cosy with your bae or have a blast with your best friend. You can take impromptu diversions, and travel far up to any beautiful location you spot from the road.

So if you are planning to rejuvenate this summer by spending some quality time with loved ones, here is a filtered list of of the most picturesque road trips across India that prove that the journey matters more than the destination:

1. Mumbai to Pune

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Mumbai-Pune Expressway | (C) Wikipedia

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the most alluring routes in Maharashtra. The Western Ghats will keep you company for most of the journey, but if that doesn't suffice, there are plenty of natural water bodies and man-made reservoirs as well.

But mind you, the day it rains, is the day this highway can get a little dangerous. As slippery roads can be far more trickier to drive on. And just in case you are planning to take a long drive through the scenic Mumbai-Pune expressway, it's better to play it safe. If you plan to ride a bike on this highway, Apollo Alpha bike tyres offering excellent wet surface performance are your best bet. But if all your friends want to enjoy the journey together in your SUV, Apollo Apterra HT tyres should be the choice.

Suggested route: Mumbai - Panvel - Lonavala - Aamby Valley - Pune

Total distance: 200 km

2. Bengaluru to Mysore

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Bengaluru-Mysore Highway | (C) Wikipedia

The Bengaluru to Mysore stretch is ideal for working professionals who are only free over the weekends. This road trip is merely a five-hour journey, but that in no way means that it's any less beautiful. All your senses will be in for a treat courtesy the lush green plantations along the way, apart from the outstanding highway eateries.

But wait! Such smooth highways can be deceptive, for it's not just you who thinks it's an easy drive. With many other casual drivers (some of whom are in haste to reach their destination as early as possible), you might not want to make any mistake. Unique tread design with stiffer centre rib and stronger shoulder, better grip, and fast and precise steering are some of many things you would rely on. And believe it or not, it all comes down to the tyres of your vehicle.

Suggested route: Bengaluru - Ramanagara - Channapatna - Srirangapatna - Mysore

Total distance: 145 km

3. Guwahati to Shillong

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Guwahati to Shillong Highway | (C) Wikipedia

If you are still unaware of the Northeast's gorgeous natural scenery, this road trip will show you all facets of it. From the plains of Assam, as you traverse through the hills of Meghalaya, you will experience changing terrains, as well as roads.

As thrilling as it sounds to drive on serpentine roads through a heavy downpour, equally challenging it is to maintain a smooth drive on it. Incoming traffic, rains, and gradient can catch you by surprise unless you 'bank on' your tyres.

Suggested route: Guwahati - Nongpoh - Umiam - Shillong

Total distance: 110 km

4. Jaipur to Ajmer

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Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway | (C) Wikipedia

From the capital to another end of the regal state, this road trip is at the top of most bucket lists in India. The journey is a contrast, from the monotonous deserts to a million city colours, and the roads are smooth, so there is no reason why you shouldn't explore Rajasthan along this beguiling stretch.

It all seems like a great road trip idea until you take into account driving down the roads of Rajasthan where you may not see humans for hundreds of kilometres, and that too in simmering temperatures. You would want your tyres to be sound for the journey ahead. These are the kind of roads where you must equip your car/SUV with Apollo Apterra HT tyres to get enhanced durability and steering capacity for your vehicle.

Suggested route: Jaipur - Sambhar - Roopangarh - Kishangarh - Ajmer

Total distance: 175 km

5. Chennai to Pondicherry

Photo of 5 Most Spectacular Routes In India You Cannot Ignore For Your Next Road Trip 5/5 by Kanj Saurav
East Coast Road | (C) Wikipedia

Gain maximum pleasure by travelling between these two cities on the East Coast Road. The reflection of the sun on the numerous water bodies along this 150 km-long stretch is what makes this arguably the most decorative road trip in the southern region because it is sprayed with great attractions such as Mahabalipuram (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Alambara Fort and Kalpakkam Nuclear Facility on the way.

Some roads, well, actually make for a pleasant drive as long as you don't overlook basic maintenance and service of your vehicle. This road is one such example. So, go out and enjoy the drive!

Suggested route: Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Edaikazhinadu - Pondicherry

Total distance: 160 km

Do tyres really make or break your experiences on road?

Whether you love forests, beaches or mountains, taking on a long road adventure has its own fun and challenges. You certainly want to have a smooth ride without having to worry about sudden roadblocks like tyres gone bad because of rough terrain or inconsistent weather.

To ensure that you enjoy on your trip, get your car equipped with Apollo Apterra HT tyres, robustly constructed to provide superior performance to four wheelers, and your bike with Apollo Alpha tyres, especially designed to provide excellent speed stability to two wheelers. Made of high quality rubber compound for high speed driving, these Apollo tyres put you in command while you drive on road. Great, isn't it?

Have a wonderful road trip!

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