8 Offbeat Things To Do in South Goa Once India's Favourite Destination Opens up Again


8 offbeat things to do in South Goa

Photo of 8 Offbeat Things To Do in South Goa Once India's Favourite Destination Opens up Again by Zafar Anis

If you think clicking a picture at the Dil Chahta Hai spot at Chapora Fort or sipping beer at Baga beach is just too passé, you’re my kind and I want to tell you that GOA is much more than that!

Photo of South Goa, Goa, India by Zafar Anis

Ditch the cliché and here’s what you can do instead:

1. Kayaking in Palolem

It doesn’t require you to know a big deal about kayaking to try it for the first time. I absolutely loved kayaking in the Palolem backwaters during sunrise, don’t miss this! For the more adventurous and experienced, you can attempt kayaking to the butterfly beach. If you’re extremely lucky, you could be kayaking with dolphins around in Palolem!

2. Stand-Up Paddle in Palolem

Get your adrenaline pumping with Stand-up Paddle at Palolem beach. This one’s certainly tricky and not a one-time affair if you haven’t done it in the past. There’s just one SUP rental on the entire stretch, Samson’s Shack, they teach you as well.

3. Hiking - Butterfly Beach, Cabo de Rama, Netravali

Did you say Hiking in Goa? You read it right! The Geography of Goa is what makes me such a big fan of this coastal state. The entire stretch of Western Ghats in Goa has opportunities aplenty for hiking lovers. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, about an hour from Palolem, will give you a perfect taste of Western Ghats if you haven’t experienced it yet. But that’s not all, you will be fairly surprised by little hikes leading to beaches – That’s South Goa for you. You need to hike down a bit to reach the Butterfly beach. Don’t miss the Cabo De Rama hike from inside the fort, you’ll witness some of the best landscape views in India!

4. Waterfalls

Did you know Goa is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls? While Dudhsagar is a fairly known waterfall, kuskem, Bamanbudo, Netravali, Tambdi Surla are some of the reasons that make South Goa a paradise for the nature lovers. However, there’s one waterfall that stands out and has started gaining popularity for its turquoise water, Santrem Waterfall in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. It is gonna be a long ride, specially from South Goa, and a taxing hike but 100% worth your time and effort.

5. Nature Trails & Bird Watching

Isn’t spending hours at a beach, watching sunset a guilty pleasure for most of us? Well yes, I call it a guilty pleasure because I have put off exploring many places and chose lazing on the warm sand so many times! But, have you tried waking up early and exploring breath-taking nature trails in Goa? Visit Cotigao which isn’t too far from south for birds and Malabar squirrels! Bhagwan Mahavir and Mhadeil WLS are a treat for bird lovers. I was lucky to spot some otters at Kakolem Beach early in the morning.

6. Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching in Goa, isn’t that the most common thing in goa, how does it even qualify as an offbeat thing? I agree with you, it doesn’t. But spotting a dolphin off shore, near to you with no boats around hits you different. It is like them coming to you and not you going to them. Visit Kakolem or Cabo De rama (near cave) early in the morning and you could see some of them come close to the shore and put up a show for you. At times close enough for your dropped jaws to be witnessing them double flip right in front of your eyes!

7. Cycling

Well, satiating the dug dug craving is the Goan Dream for many. But trust me, as much as the Royal Enfield gets your adrenaline rushing, a bicycle ride from Palolem to Patnem soothes your soul! You can easily rent bicycles in Palolem. The beauty about a bicycle is that you can rent it for a month in the same cost as a fancy bike for 4 days.

8. Live Performances

You will be in awe of the quality of musicians playing in the quaint cafes and beachside shacks in South Goa. I was taken aback by a German singing Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam better than I can! Some of these are resident, some travelling but all of them passionate about their craft. The blasting and deafening electronic music in pubs can never match up to the vibe and emotions of these raw performances.

I certainly can't count the number of exclamation marks used in this article but you can vouch for all these experiences that promise to keep you away from the crowds and offer something fresh.