Andharban, Dark Forest Trek

4th Aug 2018
Day 1

As August 15th was my last day in Pune and I have to start to Hyderabad for my new project assignment on 14th, I decided to give the 2 weekends in front of me to submerge in greeneries. I started planning out there in and around Pune. I googled the travellers and their  road trips, searched in Facebook, Instagram for all the beautiful travel pages. Couldn't decide anything and the day before weekend I called a travel group and I didn't even ask them where they are planning and I confirmed to join them in the vehicle ,the next day morning. It's a small journey without knowing where M going.

Day 2

I packed my bag with a t-shirt, sweat shirt, water bottle , my camera and nothing else as I don't like luggage heavy. Finally the bus have to pick me up at 6 AM somewhere in the city , but ended up picking me up at 9 AM.

Then they gave me a form to fill up and a brand t-shirt. I finally asked them where we are heading to, it is Andharban forest trek.
Andharban means Dark Forest. The forest is so thick, you can't even see the light coming in. So I thought of it a minute, and came to know it is an easy to medium level trek. I somehow felt excited as it was the first trip in pune monsoons.

We were heading to Andharban through the green valleys and steep road with many waterfalls. Finally we reached a flat place where we are given the breakfast and instructions to move on. As per the instructions, we have to complete the trek by 3 in the noon, to reach kundalika river base point and where we can have lunch.

As time passed forward, we marched through the green Fields, waterfalls, stone hiking, submerged in thick fog, and all in between we missed the actual route. It was a pain by then. We are in middle of fog at 4 in the evening and we Don't have any idea how much should walk more to go the base point. Finally through all the difficulties and hurdles passed, we reached the base point at 6 in the evening and we are almost happy to sit in the kundalika river point. Then the guide started to whistle and asked to march for another 1 hour to get to the road. It took 2 more hours to reach the road.

Finally we are on a small ghat road in the midst of jungle at 8 PM waiting for the bus to pick us up from there. Everyone is in panic state. No food, proper water to drink from morning and struck up in the jungle with no light at 8 PM. For our frightening, bus met with some problem and could not reach us. Started walking again, now with or without any sense in the feet or body.

After an hour later,we reached a place where we are offered dinner at some local house. The taste obviously we can't complaint for. Then the bus reached and finally sat in the bus with drenched wet clothes , shivering end to end with a hope to enter into my flat at last.

It took 4 more hours to reach my flat and I'm the first one to get out of the bus. Everyone clapped for me while I was getting down from the bus as they have to wait few more hours to get down.
I saw my fit band which showed the entire length walked and fell down on bed, it is 30km stretch straight walk without sitting for a while. 
It was supposed to be a simple trek turned out of an amazing adventurous trip.

With lots of memories, started planning for the next week.

Photo of Andharban, Dark Forest Trek by Gowtham P
Photo of Andharban, Dark Forest Trek by Gowtham P
Photo of Andharban, Dark Forest Trek by Gowtham P
Photo of Andharban, Dark Forest Trek by Gowtham P