Be on Cloud Wine with this Drive and Wine Job in America: It's Time India Took Inspiration


Wine is one of the most elegant concoctions, often considered as liquid luck, a burst of spring in the mouth and to some, tastes like the celestial stars themselves! It is true that a glass of wine, whether had stylishly in a wine glass or nonchalantly straight from the bottle, makes everything just so much better. Well, our friend USA, has taken up the love for wine and twisted it into an envious travel trend that makes us want to go there immediately.

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The Company

The Union Wine Company is a congregation of enthusiastic, young minds who are no less than visionaries when it comes to creating wine. Union Wine Company has a new approach to wine; it is against the old-age, systematic method of wine drinking. The arduous method of opening a wine bottle, checking its temperature and serving it in a methodical manner is just too over the top. Moreover, the unnecessary pre-requisite of "experiencing" the wine before drinking it is almost annoying for an age where everything is fast, easy and efficient. We couldn't agree more! The practice of wine drinking is too elitist, making the wonderful tonic inaccessible to many. One of the company's wines, Underwood Wine, which is served in a can is an exemplum of their uniquely contemporary approach to wine. To add to this new-age take on wine, Union Wine Company is on a road trip all around USA. Yes, you heard it right, a wine road trip!

Wine on a Road Trip

The company has recently embarked upon a journey that brings the best wines to more and more people. Wine is often associated with celebrations, festivals and functions, and with this road trip, Union Wine Company seeks to make every happy moment even more exciting with their wine on wheels!

Wait, They Also Offer Dream Jobs

A recent job advertisement by the company is what left us wine lovers appalled!

Combining the passion for travel and love for wines, Union Wine Company has released a one-of-a-kind post, a ‘Canbassador’ for their tour around USA. The role as a Canbassador comes with some of the best job perks we know. It involves driving a gorgeous, custom, re-purposed 1972 Citroen H Van, which even has a name – Celeste. The Canbassador will be required to drive the van to some of the most beautiful and even unknown parts of USA and help the company promote their wines. Not only this, since the van stations itself right outside fests, events, and concerts, one gets to be at the heart of some of the most unique and happening events around the country. You’d think that this job description couldn’t get more fun than this, but wait for it, the Canbassador also gets paid $15-$18 per hour! To be eligible to apply, all you need is to be above 18, have a valid drivers license and be able to drive a big car.

Indeed a dream job, right? Well, don’t be saddened by the fact that you can’t apply for it. We've given you a brilliant business idea. It is time to take the food-truck concept that is already so famous in India, and fuse it with travel and some fine wines. So get to work and bring something this legendary to India too!

You can thank us later.

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