Love The High Life? Here Are The Best Drinking Festivals of the World That Are Not Oktoberfest


If you're an alcohol enthusiast, I say, plan your trips centred around this passion this year! Numerous towns around the world host tremendous drinking festivals that are sure to quench your thirst like never before. So travel as you drink, and drink as you enjoy maddening vibes at these epic drinking festivals around the world. Take a look!

1. La Batalla Del Vino De Haro: Wine Fight

Where: Haro, Spain

What: While La Tomatina Festival in Buñol is one that we all know of, a smaller Spanish town, Haro, hosts an even more exciting fest called the Wine Fight. Beginning at the top of La Rioja mountain, the eve of the fest ensues with an all-night-long party with best wines, music and dance. After this night, the fight slowly descends all over the town and is welcomed by traditional dance and songs along the streets. Truckloads of wine are freely available at the battlegrounds, so you can play and drink away the weekend to your heart's desire.

When: 27-30 June, 2018

2. International Berlin Beer Festival

Where: Berlin, Germany

What: There’s no better place to have beer than the place that calls it its national drink. In fact, this festival is held especially to commemorate beer. If this isn’t goals, then I don’t know what is! The festival is rife with folk culture where about 350 breweries from 90 countries serve more than 2,500 types of beer. Apart from different types of German beer, the countries that display their beers include Vietnam, New Zealand and even Japan. All you need is this beer fest to rule them all!

When: 3-5 August, 2018

3. London Cocktail Week

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Where: London

What: This week-long celebration of cocktails is the perfect fest that you need to pump yourself up mid-year. Prepare to be blown away by a variety of cocktails on offer, be it vodka, gin or whiskey, you’ll get the best combination of whichever drink you fancy. With about 300 bars to choose from, get prepared to find your new favourite cocktails! This festival is all about fun, vibrance and frolicking, with just the right dosage of alcohol.

When: 1-7 August, 2018

4. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Where: District Huangdong, China

What: Hailed as Asia's Oktoberfest, the Qingdao festival is a massive celebration that spans for over 16 days. They say that the festival is held "in honour of the nectar of gods–beer!" and it is set to begin with a grand opening show at the Golden Sands Beach. With hundreds of beer tents, multiple music stages, traditional performances and food from the east as well as the west, this festival is the perfect party that you need in your life! Moreover, the best of beers from across the globe will be available at the fest; beer from Japan, Mexico, Holland, Singapore and China's famous Tsingtao beer are a few to look forward to.

When: 17 August - 3 September (approximately)

5. Keyaki Beer Festival

Where: Saitama, Japan

What: This is a bi-annual beer festival that takes place once in spring and autumn and is renowned in the area as one of the best drinking festivals. At this five-day event, Japan's best and most exclusive beer companies offer tasting and sales of their products. In fact, Keyaki festival boasts of some types of beer that are only found here and are never sold anywhere else at any other time. I'm sure you don't want to miss a chance of adding more value to your special liquor cabinet!

When: 23-27 May, 2018

6. Beerfest Asia

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Where: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

What: This is Asia's largest beer festival that aims to expose consumers to the best of locally brewed beers that they may usually never encounter. With about 600 types of different beers, the festival provides a boost to beer producers while at the same time, offering you an experience that you will never forget. This four-day event is a rage with several exciting activities such as beer workshops, beer yoga, beer runs, and large scale rock music performances which is the perfect culmination to a beer high.

When: 30August- 2September, 2018

7. Fete De L'absinthine

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Where: Boveresse, Switzerland

What: Boveresse, the birthplace of absinthe hosts the absinthe festival every summer. This festival brings together absinthe enthusiasts from all around the world. Apart from just drinking the best of absinthine, at this fest you can visit the best distillers that are world-renowned for their absenthine. Alognside, there will be bars, music and a dance floor to enjoy through the night. It goes without saying that this fest is for those with a more refined taste for drinking.

When: 16 June, 2018

8. Great American Beer Festival

Where: Denver, Colorado

What: This three-day event is especially hosted by Brewers Association in order to popularise different types of American craft beers. Although the festival is mainly a competition between breweries, you can attend it and enjoy while sipping on the best of American beer that you may have not even heard of before. At the fest, you can also join classes on food pairings that could be a unique talent to boast of at parties back home. Moreover, you can enjoy the music at hangout areas and their special silent disco!

When: September 20-22, 2018

9. The Bordeaux Wine Festival

Where: Bordeaux, France

What: This regatta is the leading wine-tourism festival in all of Europe. At this festival, you can experience wines from Bordeaux and Aquintaine region as you immerse yourself into music and dance performances. The festival also boasts of the best culinary buffets that are hosted at wine estates. With fireworks adding to the vibrance and extravagance of the festival, this festival should be on top of your summer plans for 2018.

When: 14-18 June, 2018

10. Budapest Wine Festival

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Where: Budapest, Hungary

What: Held in the magnificent Buda Castle, overlooking banks of river Danube, Budapest Wine festival serves as an exemplum of Hungary's expertise in wine making. The festival incorporates best wines from the country; here, you will find about 140 grape varieties from the best wine regions of Hungary. Moreover, interesting food stalls, exhibitions, dance performances and workshops enliven the festival. A must visit to experience some of the finest wines in the world.

When: 6-9 September, 2018

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