Top 10 Things to do in the Andaman Islands

30th Nov 2015
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Arial View of The Majestic Islands

The Andaman Tourism tagline says, "Emerald, Blue and You".. And this stands extremely true to its words. For a calm, serene and relaxed holiday with your loved ones, these Indian Coral Island are the perfect destination for you. You can also have a little bit of adventure if you love that. One of my favorite Holiday destination where I would love to go multiple times. These Islands have a special charm, its ambiance, its People, the food, The landscape, The sea, The starry sky all will make you feel welcomed into their world.

Listed here are the 10 Top things to do in the Andaman group of Island:

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  • The Cellular Jail
    Situated in the middle of the city of Port Blair, near the Rajiv Gandhi water sports Complex, The Cellular jail is a wonder of architectural and Historical Importance. The trip to the cellular jail should be divided into a day trip and also a trip in the evening for the Light and Sound Show.
    During the Day trip you can have a closer look into the 3 remaining wings of the Jail, the solitary cells, the gallows and the view from the roof. You can also have an account of the Great revolutionists who were imprisoned there as their names are listed on the walls of the central tower in each floor. There are three galleries (Two at the entrance and one at the back of the jail) displaying the photographs, lines from the diaries that the revolutionaries kept, autobiographies, The model of the jail with all its initial wings etc.
    In the evening, you can witness the mesmerizing light and sound show which will take you to the Kala Pani days and let you realize the amount of sacrifice these great men have laid in order to make India a free country.

  • Jolly Buoy Island
    Known for its crystal clear water and exotic marine life, Jolly Buoy island is a small island in the group of islands under Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor. This island is open for the tourist between October to April.. and for the rest of the months, tourists can visit the Redskin island, which is again under the same national park (This is done for the restoration and maintenance of both the islands). The Jetty for the Mahatma Gandhi National Park can be reached by Buses plying from Port Blair or by Tourist cars. The security checking here are pretty tough and you wont be allowed to take any plastic bags, water bottle or any sort of pollutant which may affect the marine life there if left behind. Also, make sure to keep your I-Card handy.
    This place is best among all of Andaman Islands for snorkeling.
    The snorkeling price starts from 300.00 INR and goes upto 1000.00 INR. Here each and every penny spent seems absolutely worth the experience you gain.
    If you ever travel to these Islands, keep the visit to Jolly Buoy in your itinerary before you travel to any other island for underwater experience.

  • Chidiya Tapu
    Located about 17 kms from Port blair (30-40 mins by car), Chidiya Tapu is known for the 180 degree view of the horizon and the amazing golden Sunset.
    Reach Chidiya Tapu by car, spend some time on the beach and prepare yourself for the 3 kms trek through the jungle to reach the southern most point of the South Andaman Island. The trek might seem a little tiring for the first timers, but when you reach the destination, all the sweating seems worth. Sit there and relax.. Forget every worry, just look at the infinity and enjoy the beautiful setting sun.
  • Scooter Ride in Havelock Island
    If you're in Havelock and not exploring the island on a 2 wheeler, your stay is not worth..
    The Island has an area of approximately 114 sq.Kms. Wake up early in the morning and go on a scooty ride to the Kala Patthar beach.. Watch the Sunrise there and relax.
    Same you can do for watching the Sunset at Radhanagar Beach.
    Rent: Rs.300.00/ day+Petrol
  • Swimming at Radhanagar Beach.
    Radhanagar Beach was named the "Best Beach in Asia" by Time Magazine in 2004. This beautiful beach is best for swimming as it has excellent waves. The emerald green water here is alluring making it desirable and the life guards on the beach makes you feel safe about the water. The white Sand beach is perfect if you're planning to show off your creativity by making a sand castle or two.. ;)

  • Natural Bridge at the Neil Island
    Make sure to visit this place during low tide, as the entire coral reef comes out of the water and becomes an open air aquarium. You will come across many colorful fishes, a variety of corals, star fishes, jelly fishes, Oysters etc while walking around the small pools of water created by the coral reef and rocks.
  • Road trip to Diglipur
    While in the Andaman Islands, The Road trip to Diglipur from Port Blair is an excellent experience. The journey will take you through a varied landscape which changes every few kilometers.. The Tropical Rain Forests (The Jarwa Reserved area), Mangrove Forest, Lush Green Fields, Coconut & Betel nut Orchards and will also make you cross the only River (Kalpong River) of the North Andaman Island . You'll be taking the Andaman Trunk Road which is Parallel to the coast of Andaman Sea in few parts. It takes an entire day to cover the 290 Kms distance between Port Blair and Diglipur. On way you can visit the Limestone caves and the Mud Volcano.
  • Ross and Smith Island
    The Ross and Smith Islands in Diglipur (North Andaman) are joined by a sand bar.. or so it looks like.. The scenic beauty here is very romantic with pristine blue water and white sand. Take a walk on the sand bar to reach the Ross Island and go crazy clicking pictures.
  • Jogger's Park
    The Jogger's Park in Port Blair is a must visit because of it location. The Park is located on a hilltop overlooking the runway of the Vir Savarkar Airport. The view is mesmerizing.. and It will also be an experience of a lifetime if you manage to watch a flight while landing or taking off.
  • Wandoor Beach, Port Blair.
    Wandoor Beach in the afternoon, till the sun sets, is just like a painting. The shallow and still water here creates a beautiful mirror like reflection of the sun and clouds above. During low tide, if you walk towards the southern side of the beach, you will come across low creeks beautifully carved by the flowing water of the sea. Visit this place to appreciate the Beauty of Nature.

    I have listed down the Top 10 things to do.. There are other places and activities too Like SCUBA or Sea Walking at North Bay, Trip to the Administrative Ross Island, Viper Island, Trek through the Nature's trail at Mt.Harriet, Anthropological Museum, Chhatam Saw Mill, Samudrika, Fisheries Museum, Morcedera and Aamkunj Horizon view spots etc.
    If you’ve any other favorite spot in Andaman Islands, Please post in comments below..