If not France, let's Pondicherry

9th Dec 2016
Photo of If not France, let's Pondicherry by Abhishek Modi
Day 1

Aren't we all nervous before every trip despite days of packing thinking did we miss anything? But have adrenaline rush for an unplanned trip to the unplanned destination. A mix of planned and unplanned (half planned) trip happened for me to Pondicherry aka Puducherry aka Pondy.

Pondicherry is one of the 7 Union Territory of India and thus very distinct from the adjoining state of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry was once colonized by French and so the French language is still in the lanes of Pondicherry.

I left Bangalore on a Friday night for 8 hour first solo trip to Pondicherry. The bus reached Pondicherry around 7 in the morning. Just like any other tourist destination you will find hoard of rickshaw drivers trying to get you to your hotel. At an inflated rate. I decided that I won't be spending on the things that I don't need. Oh I went during the demonetization period. The time when it was difficult to find any money in any time money machines. I had decided just to utilize the 2000 Rs that I had hidden in the secret pocket of my wallet.

I found the way to my hotel and on inquiring they told me to wait couple of hours since no rooms were available for early check-in. Meanwhile, I strolled to the beach. The promenade. At 7:30 in the morning people from all age group were enjoying the beauty of the ageless sea. I couldn't take my eyes of the waves and the sound it made while sipping my cup of coffee from The Cafe. The Cafe is located the most closest to the sea. Though the cafe is expensive it is worth to spend couple of hours enjoying waves from the table at the Cafe.

I realized the time and got an Activa on rent. After knowing all the parking rules of Pondy and the must visit places I headed to Auroville. After reading hell lot about Auroville I was interested even in the special meditation session which requires confirmation in advance.

Auroville is a state of the art concept. Visitors generally observe the golden globe from the outside atleast 200m away. Inside Auroville one can find variety of hostels and canteen each with some experimental features.

I booked my visit for the next day inside the "Matri Mandir".

After the short visit on day 1, I found my way back to the hotel to check in. I quickly found on Google the must visit places and cancelled few of them based on my interest. Oops that's beaches and places to eat.

The famous French bakery is a must visit if you are a foodie. Apart from that I visited another French deli (the pic shown)

If you want to know about my itinerary planning please check it out at solo.travel.blog

Photo of If not France, let's Pondicherry by Abhishek Modi
Day 2

On the second say, I went for the booked meditation session at Auroville at 8:30 in the morning. It was a 45 min session ending with complete satisfaction and refreshed mind.

After the session there, I drove to the the Paradise beach located 15kms from the city is relatively serene. P.S the place doesn't have any private changing rooms.

Second day ended with stroll on the Promenade beach and a late bus back to Bangalore.

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