Kala Pani ~ Andaman Island #BeforeCovid19

12th Feb 2020

Sunset at Bharatpur!

Photo of Kala Pani ~ Andaman Island #BeforeCovid19 by Saurabh Bagakar

Trip to Andaman was to deal with one of my Bucket List to do Scuba Diving on budget in India with amidst beauty of clean greenery and blue water from clean beaches.

Photo of Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands by Saurabh Bagakar

This journey was done in Feb of 2020 before all the pandemic happened.

I was travelling with 3 of my friends and to make this trip a pocket friendly and memorable we planned on staying together in one room.

It started from Pune and following is my budget breakdown to Andaman for travelling.

Budget Breakdown

From from PNQ to IXZ - 6500 INR.

Cab from Airport to Hotel - 200 INR

Cruise expense from Port Blair - Havelock - Neil Island - Port Blair : 6200 INR

We planned on getting hotels on the spot by talking to Auto and Cab drivers.

Room Cost on each Island was approximately - 1500 per night.

Things to do on Andaman Trip :

On first day we did land on Port Blair Island - Capital of Andaman and Nikobar Island.

This is the only Island on journey where you will get network in maximum areas. Do not expect for internet connectivity.

On the first day at Port Blair we planned on resting a little till noon after 8 hours of long hectic flight.

In evening we did hit the nearest beach Corbyn by renting bikes from hotel where we stayed.

Bike Rent 350INR per Day

After a pleasant evening we booked tickets to Baratang Island to see the Limestone Caves.

Note : Bus comes early at 3am!

This visit to Baratang will take a full day and it is quite amazing.

On the island there were only 6 families are present and the journey goes through one of the tribal areas of Andaman. You will get to watch a few people from Tribe, considering bus ride is long and you don't fall asleep.

On the very evening of Baratang visit we did hit the Corbyn beach again as we were not satisfied with beautiful road with scenic sea on the other side of the road.

There is also one more place which will give chills with light show and breathtaking history of Kala Pani.

On the 3rd day we had to catch a cruise to Havelock. (Bookings done at McCruise, very famous in Andaman)

On the havelock island, things were more amazing as we had 3 days and planned to do Scuba.

There are many Scuba institutes and it is not necessary to know swimming for this.

Scuba cost - 4000 - 4500 INR per head.

Apart from Scuba one Havelock, there are beaches where you can visit early morning and early evening for sunrise sunset which you might not witness anywhere else in India.

Bike rent at Havelock is same 350 - 400 INR.

Beaches to visit are very nearby with about 15 min of travel.

Must visit sunset at Radhanagar Beach.

It is one of the cleanest beach in whole world!

Trek at Havelock

A suggestion, Stay Hydrated!

Last but not least Island from itinerary for couple of days.

Try to grab Bike ASAP. (There were only 40 bikes on island for rent.)

It is very much known for Natural Coral Bridge.

On Neil evening can be spent at Laxmanpur Beach, it is known for sunset and sunrise.

Apart from natural bridge we will get to see the best Astro View at night which basically starts at 6 in evening.

It is a bit early but in order to see sunrise at Sitapur Beach, get up at 3am!

All this sums up my Andaman!

Have a great Safar! Don't Forget to pack Rasgulla!