Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple


The beautiful pink city of India, Jaipur is one of the places where one finds a myriad number of historical monuments, amazing shopping and food joints. It is also one of the places where one finds a number of splendid temples around the city. One such temple is “Khole Ke Hanuman Ji” temple located in Laxman Dungri in Delhi-Jaipur bypass. Located atop a small hill with a panoramic view of the Aravallis, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu monkey God, Lord Hanuman. A well paved arc road makes the way for the devotees to reach the temple.

The word “Khola” means hill in the local dialect, as the statue of Lord Hanuman was found lying on the hill in the then deserted and uninhabited place where nobody dared to visit due to fear of wild animals. The architecture is spellbound and the view from top is definitely breathtaking and captivating. Other dedicated temples for Lord Shiva, Lord Ram, Maa Durga and Lord Ganesha are also present for devotees to seek their blessings. The Shiva temple houses the replicas of the Shivlings from the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. As one approaches the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, one first sets foot in a large hall where one can see the devotees meditating and chanting Hanuman Chalisa. As one gets darshan of Lord Hanuman Ji, peace and faith takes hold in one’s mind and spirit. It is believed that the devotees of Lord Hanuman Ji are protected by Him and no evil can cross their path. Many people take “kala dora” from priests in temple to ward evil.

SawaMani (Goth)-is a religious ceremony wherein offering is made to Lord Hanuman Ji on fulfilment of wishes and to seek blessings as one embarks on a new journey in one’s life. KholeKe Hanuman Ji temple is one of the places where SawaMani is held in large numbers. Tuesdays and Saturdays are crowded days as people organise SawaManis’ and offer their prayers to the Lord and respects to their near and dear ones. The large courtyards are filled with people who have come to bless the host and also seek blessings from the Lord. The air is filled with the aroma of desi ghee as the prasad of SawaMani which consists of Dal, Baati and Churma is cooked in the designated temple kitchens.

Jaipur is a home to many historical monuments, temples and buildings of astounding architecture. Though the temple is not one of the places frequented by tourists, the locals throng here especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays seeking solace and blessings and celebrating milestones in life. It’s a place where the wandering mind finds its peace and prayers are definitely answered.