The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India


The amazing Manipur

Photo of The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India by Saikat Mazumder

|| Manipur || 7 Reason why you should visit Manipur - 1. Typical NorthEast flavor, the lash green mountains, fresh Oxygen, less pollution, less crowd. 2. Localite - the people of Manipur are super friendly, sober, well behaved and their hospitality is something you'll never forget. 3. The rich culture and it's amazing connection with Bangla & Bengal 4. The social flavor of gender equality and woman empowerment. The home of mighty Meri Kom 5. The Loktak Lake and National Forest, the wonder of the world & only present in Manipur in the whole world. 6. The mouth watering cuisine, it's a paradise of food lovers 7. Connection - You can visit Mayanmar in most cheap way, can do marketing from there and return on same day or stay few days with on the spot Visa. Kohima and Dzukou valley is just a few hours journey. Well connected via flights from Kolkata and Guwahati.

The season starts from October and ends in March. I'll suggest you to visit Manipur during Sangai festival in the last week of November, because from 1st December, Hornbill Festival starts in Kohima, Nagaland. You can travel 3-4days in Manipur then visit Kohima (by car in 4-5hrs) and attend Hornbill.

Flight cost from Kolkata to Imphal is as low as Rs. 1500 if you book in advance. Imphal is a small town, but try to stay within city's center. I stayed in Phou oi bee hotel, the location is very good and prices starts from Rs.1500, but the hotel is new and everything is very nice. You can stay in cheaper hotels or home stay, just confirm the location before booking. Remember after 7pm, everything closes in Manipur, so, try to stay center of town for communication and other issues.

1st day, I visited Loktak lake and National Park which takes a whole day. In road you'll also visit INA museum (lots of pictures and information on Netaji Subhas Ch Bose) and WWII memorial by Japanese government (Car rental 3500 or less). The lake and national park is a wonder of the world. This is the only national park in the world which is floating over a lake and spread over 40 Sq Km. The view of the lake will amazed you to the core. It is also home of a deer called "Sangai", which is a endangered species and can only be found here. You must take the boat ride in the lake, people are actually living in the floating land masses and fishing is their main and only profession. The time you'll land one of such home, you will shiver in the excitement and wonder!

Next day I visited local site scenes of Imphal, which includes few Temple , Kangla fort, market (driven by women only) etc. Book a auto instead of car. All places are nearby and it'll take less than 6Hours.

If you want to visit Moreh (border with Mayanmar) then it takes a whole day and the journey is fascinating. The last 40km road through the mountains is treat for the eyes. Don't forget to bring your aadhar card or passport, or you won't be allowed to visit Moreh. Inside Mayanmar you have to book a separate auto (rate is 400 - 600 INR) they'll take you different locations within area of 5KM and 3hrs. Few Pagoda and Bazar at Tamu is the main attraction. Don't forget to taste authentic Mayanmar cuisine and fish items. 1INR = 21Mayanmar Kyat. **start as soon as possible and try to return early, in border there is a very strict check post. It may take hours to cross the border while returning. Always avoid any type of argument with police and military as AFSPA in place. Try to return hotel before 6pm positively.

You can visit Dzukou valley (Nagaland - Manipur border, a picturesque valley) or Kohima by hiring a car. You can even stay and travel Mayanmar with a valid passport and Visa (packages can be booked from imphal), infact foreigners visit Mayanmar through imphal as no direct flight is available at Mayanmar or too costly.

Photo of The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India 1/6 by Saikat Mazumder
On the way back from Moreh, Mayanmar Border
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The amazing Loktak Lake
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The Keibul Lamjao National Park
Photo of The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India 4/6 by Saikat Mazumder
Floating lands on Loktak Lake
Photo of The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India 5/6 by Saikat Mazumder
People living in Loktake Lake, this house is on floating land
Photo of The beautiful Manipur, unexplored wonder of India 6/6 by Saikat Mazumder
Temple inside Kangla Fort, Imphal