13th May 2022
Photo of Sukiapokhri by Travelling with us

Sukiapokhri, Darjeeling, West Bangal

It is is a small hilly locality located 11 km from Ghoom on the way to Mirik.Gurashey Forest Resort, near Sukhia Pokhri, is one of the new attractions on the misty heights of the Eastern Himalayas where the entire Kanchenjunga range can be viewed. It provides a heaven to those seeking a quite holidays away from the thronging masses.Dawn can witness the vivid play of colors against the majestic Kanchenjanga.

SUKHIAPOKHRI, DARJEELING is a Tourist attraction

GHOOM ROCK is one of the eight famous Darjeeling sight seeing points. It is located between Ghoom and Sukhia Pokhri above Lepcha Jagat village .Apart from 360 degree view of the Mount Kanchenjunga it is a favourite place for bird watchers. JORE POKHRI – Jore pokhri literally means twin ponds in Nepali is another tourist destination famous for its scenic beauty and quiet ambience. There is a tourist lodge maintained by GTA. HIMALAYAN SALAMANDER Himalayan Salamander (Tylototriton verrucosus) an endangered species is found at Jore Pokhri. TEMPLE There is a Bhagwati Devi Temple (Durga temple) which is more than 500 years old highly revered by the local people.

HOME STAYS/LODGES There are many homestays and lodges in Sukhia Bazaar, Lepchajagat, Majidhura, kaiyabhir,Gurasay, Mazuwa, Rangbhang, Pussimbing, Poobong, Pulungdung and Ramjee with access to motorable roads.

Gurashey Forest Resort, near Sukhia Pokhri, is one of the new attractions on the misty heights of the Eastern Himalayas. The entire Kanchenjunga range can be viewed from the resort. At dawn and dusk, the mountains bathed in gold present an unforgettable sight. Surrounded by slopes of silver fir, hemlock and magnolia, Gurashey stands brooding. A pall of gloom seems to hang over the township for most of the year, like the veil of clouds that obscures the Kanchenjunga and other snow-capped titans in the distance. In spring, though, the sparkle of rhododendrons lights up the region.

From Sukhiapokhri one can go to different tea gardens and other small towns or villages in the area. Jorepokhri is the home of the Himalayan salamander (Tylototriton verrucosus), now extinct in most parts of the world. There are several towns/villages on the India-Nepal border – Manebhanjang, Simana, etc.Sukhia Pokhri has a police station.