Sundal on the Beach

1st Mar 2016

Beaches in India are famous for the yummy snacks that are sold on the shores. Apart from building sand castles, paddling in the waves and just soaking in the setting sun at the horizon, a visit to any beach must include savoring the local snack that is sold there. So whether it is the “Pav Bhaji” (A spicy vegetable curry that is served with a soft bread roll called Pav) of Chowpatty beach in Mumbai, or the Jhal Muri (puffed rice with spices, vegetables and raw mustard oil) from Puri beach in Orissa, the flavors are so very distinct.

One such snack I shall always savor is the humble “Sundal” on the beach.  Sundal is a preparation made with dried white peas, topped with oodles of tangy raw mango and sliced coconut.

It is a specialty of Marina Beach in Chennai and is popularly called Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal (Mixture of Coconut, Mango, and Dry Peas).

Photo of Sundal on the Beach 1/1 by Ramya

Visit any beach in Chennai and you could spot vendors walking on the sand selling Sundal. They carry their prepared Sundal in iconic grey aluminum tins and serve them to you in pieces of paper that have been shaped into a cone, to hold a ladle full of Sundal. For the price of Rs. 10/- one such cone could be yours. And trust me it will leave you asking for more.

For those who are health conscious, this is a perfect snack. It doesn’t pile on that extra bit of flab nor do they add on to your bad cholesterol. The dried peas are a great source of protein. The finely chopped green chillies and the combination of the tanginess is a sure delight to those taste buds. Even on a hot day in Chennai,Sundal on the beach would not leave you feeling dehydrated..

All you need to do is let the cool breeze of the sea hit you, lap up the frothy waves around your feet and savor a cone of Sundal. The feeling is purely blissful.

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