Trip To God's Own Country KERALA(Part-1)

4th May 2017


Hi guys! ,

I am writing about my Visit to Kerala which is One of the best in my List! 

MAY 4 – 9 (2017)

MAY 4 – 5 : It all started with a Train Journey from my city Visakhapatnam to Kollam (I haven’t got a direct train on that day to Trivandrum ) . I have Boarded the train At 8:20 and Reached kollam by 14:30(5th) the next day(All alone). Then i got into another train from Kollam at 15:00 and finally Reached my Destination Trivandrum central by 16:30 :).. phewww.. 32 hours of train journey .. hell yeahh, i have loved it!

You know what, i am here to write an exam  , My exam centre is In Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum). Ha ha!

So, From railway station I have went to Kovalam beach resort which was prebooked 5 days before the check in date. Bus and cab transport are Highly available from Railway station ???? . By 17:30 I have checked into my hotel OCEAN PARK BEACH RESORT Just situated 50m away from Kovalam Beach( so close  )! The room was so neat and sea view from the balcony was awesome!

After this hectic Journey i have took sometime to refresh and then came out of my room to walk through the Ocean shore! That was Quite a Pleasant walk! very peaceful with sound of the waves in your ears and the feel of fresh air that goes upon your face ???? . And you know Time Runs very fast if you are in an Entertaining mood and So does Today and the hour hand in my watch struck 9 ‘o clock(21:00) And its time to Eat . All kinds of Restaurants are available here at the sea shore. I have went for an Good candle light dinner restaurant. 

After having some good food I have spent some time sitting at the shore by talking with the Locals and Foreigners ! yes, At this Kovalam Beach u can see so many Foreigners Visiting from Australia and England ! And then, i have went back to my room by 23:00 and slowly went into sleep by thinking of how I’m gonna spend the next few days In this Beautiful city 

oh Yeah , I am here to write an Exam, I do remember that ! don’t worry ! :) 

To be contd.. (Part-2)