God's own Kerela

7th Jan 2016

Beaches at Kerela

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Visiting Kerela between November/December and January to March is very on season, otherwise it would be really humid and hot making it off season. Hence decided to visit it in January.

We started from Calcutta to Trivandrum (also called Thiruvananthapuram). Since it was early morning flight we were there early morning hence having a complete day to explore before we reach our property. At Thiruvananthapuram you can visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

Day 1
Photo of Padmanabhaswamy Temple Road, Fort, Pazhavangadi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

You need to be properly dressed to enter the temple, Men in Dhoti and women in Sari. They are available outside the temple at small cost.

Outside temple on the left there is Kuthiramalika Palace Museum.

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There are 100 such horses across the building.

Photo of God's own Kerela by Shutter.Storyz

From Trivandrum we headed to see the Kovalam beach.


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It was January but still it was pretty hot on the beach. There are shacks and shops around it.

From here we headed to Kollam where we were booked for the night. Fragrant Nature Lake Resort & Spa, it was bit inside from the proper Kollam city. This is the only property here so nothing outside, no shops or restaurants. However, property is huge to be explored and good restaurant with lake view. Even the room was lake facing.

Day 2

Day 2, we decided to explore Kollam, first we went for the Kollam Beach, which is unlike Kovalam. Kollam beach is wild and you can't step into it as it tends to pull you into the water.

Bird fighting a strong wave

Photo of Kollam, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz


Photo of Kollam, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Next we head to the Kollam light house.

Stairway up in to the top of lighthouse.

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Photo of Kollam Light House, Kollam, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Top View of Kollam

Photo of Kollam Light House, Kollam, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Next we head to Ashtamudi Lake. You can rent a boat for couple of hours to a day. It would have place to stay in it. We decided to go around couple of hours and catch the sunset.

Ashtamudi lake

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Ashtamudi means octagonal lake. It is a huge lake around the city.

Day 3

Day 3, We move ahead to Kumarakom. It was promised by our driver that Jatayu National Park would be on the way to Kumarakom so he would take us then. He fooled us and directly took us to the property, Lakesong Resort. It is a beautiful serene resort. It has backwaters within the property and you can boat yourself. It shares its boundaries with Lake Vembanadu.

At the reception of Lakesong Resort

Photo of Kumarakom, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

They have a backwater boat ride at their fixed timings, luckily we were able to reach at the time of sunset and enjoy this beautiful view.

Sunset at backwaters

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This can be seen from the cottages

Photo of Lakesong Resort, Athikkalam, Kumarakom, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz
Day 4

Day 4, we move to Thekkady. Now away from beaches to a hilly area. Again, on the way we were to stop at Pandikuzhi Waterfalls, but driver says he don't know any waterfalls and waterfalls dry up in January. As we insisted him by showing google maps he stopped at some place where water was just falling.

We stayed at Forest Canopy, where you need to take a car or climb up to the rooms. Its almost 5-10 minutes walking up hill.

Photo of FOREST CANOPY , THEKKADY, Periyar, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Here we finally decided to do some shopping of spices. Thekkady is renowned for the spices and there are resorts which are within the spice gardens. Also, we had to look for a guide to Periyar Tiger Reserve. There are two options, one there is a boat which would take you around the lake and you can see wild animals if there are any on the banks. Second option is 4-5 hours of walk around the reserve and a jeep guide would be with you. Also, bamboo rafting which has to have prior booking.

We went around Thekkadi there are about 7 view points around it. there are jeeps going around at approx Rs. 3000 for all the views. You need to bargain with them.

Day 5

Day 5, we started early in the morning otherwise the queue for the boat increases. We skipped the part of trekking within the forest as the prices were high and there was no chances to be able to see tigers.

Photo of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

These are dead trees in the middle of the lake

Photo of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz
Day 6

Day 6, we head to Munnar. First we visit Mattupetty Dam and Tea plantation museum. Where we were booked at Nature Zone. Which is 45 minutes up from the Munnar bus stand, by car, only their car can take you up there. You pass through tea plantation as you reach the resort. There were two options either you stay in tents or in tree houses. Since tree houses were all booked we stayed in a tent. Away from all the noises of a city.

Tea garden at Nature Zone Munnar

Photo of Nature Zone Resort, Munnar, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Once you are up in the resort you can't think of visiting the city again.

Day 7

Day 7, we get up early to trek up within the resort. Where we could see footprints of some wild animals. Cardamom and coffee plants.

As we trek further up from our resort

Photo of Cochin, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Away from all hustle at Nature Zone

Photo of Cochin, Kerala, India by Shutter.Storyz

Then we head to Cochin and we had planned to visit Athirapally Falls. Again, driver didn't take us saying it would be closed. However, locals said it would be open till 4 pm it was only 2. We were 30 minutes away. Stayed at Airport hotel and took flight home next morning.

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