Weekend Breaks

29th Jun 2019
Photo of Weekend Breaks by Rashid Khan
Day 1

When we are talking about a travel in local areas, such a very exciting movement that times because we know very well about my local tourists places but that time we discover a new an unseen places perhaps it's not a very famous but make a amazing trip for one day ya two days, specially during we travel from the bike they doesn't matter, how many kilometres will be long for chasing a new place who we never see in local areas.
So friends we are talking a new place who is belong to the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, a small village Nari Bari, this place is long away from the Allahabad main city to this village approx 65km.
There has a beautiful landscape and main thing is a beautiful towns river who's so neat and clean like a Dawki river. On this village two Canals they are connected from the river and we found a lots of amazing birds while we click a lots of birds.
We make a lots composition and clicks lots of frames on the bank of river, but sometimes this place is not safe while you have to click image in the water, so i want say one thing if you want to click a picture in the water so be aware from the 🐍 snakes and 🦀 crab it's very dangerous for us.
One amazing thing is the Bridge was very very old, it was built in the British Era and second is when you have open your google map to see that this Towns river divided into two States Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
That was my amazing, adventure and beautiful weekend breaks trip from my friends and we see a new place new Allahabad city and i was go two times on this place. This was a one day bike trip.
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Photo of nari bari market, Nari Bari, Uttar Pradesh, India by Rashid Khan


Photo of nari bari market, Nari Bari, Uttar Pradesh, India by Rashid Khan