Why Choose Picnic Spots Near you over Weekend Getaways

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Why Choose Picnic Spots Near you over Weekend Getaways!

The most characteristic thing about summer are the vacations! Family holidays, outstation trips and picnics are the life of the season and our reason to look forward to it. The days may be getting hotter but they also become longer which means more time to make the most out of, having friends and family by your side. Things haven't gone the usual way this year though. Life has changed and we all have had to adapt to the new normal. Post the stressful lockdown period, the need to get out and about sits even heavier on adults and especially kids.

Everyone could really use a break from monotony, a change in scenery, a challenging way to have fun. If only packing your bags and taking off for a weekend getaway was as easy as it used to be. With so many more issues to factor in when planning outstation travel, the very thought of a journey outside your city sounds intimidating. But that does not mean that fun cannot be had.

Forget weekend getaways and start picking your brains for places closer to you, where you can spend a day out. There are plenty of campsites and picnic spots that fit in all sorts of adventures in a single day that you may not have thought of as picnic attractions. I experienced few benefits of such day programs myself and hence sharing the same with you to make the choice easier.

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1. Time saving - Everyone loves an adventurous day, more so when it takes less effort and time to get to. It is also so much easier to just take off on an impromptu picnic than have to wait for reservations, etc. The schedule in work life is always a bit of a hit and miss and for times when there is too much uncertainty about getting that holiday you asked your boss for weeks ago, our one day program is the formula you can rely on. If you are based in Delhi NCR, a 23 km drive from IFFCO Chowk to an adventure day-out camp in Gurugram brings you to the ultimate campsite with the Aravali range in the backdrop. From sport climbing, to zorbing to rope activities, this spot is literally everything that picnic dreams are made of.

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2. Less Planning More Fun - You must be familiar with the amount of planning and prepping that comes along with any vacation surpassing more than a day. From hotel bookings to travel tickets to clothes and food, it gets pretty tedious. Predicting the weather forecast and praying that the sun shines perfectly for your weekend and unexpected rain doesn't thwart your plans, is an additional worry that we have no control over. For a day program, all you need is the intent to have fun and then to show up! The adventure camp at Greater Noida is one such spot. Everything between food and fun is taken care of.

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3. Micro Adventures with Family - A day out program is more than just your regular picnic. If you find yourself in one of the adventure camps, you get to choose your entertainment from a plethora of adventure activities such as rappelling, obstacle courses, water activities, etc which may seem like the type for which you need to travel far and wide. Due to the ease of accessibility, such day out programs provide that quick gratification which is necessary to fuel our creative juices and re-energise our minds and bodies. Check out the day-out camp in Thane if you are a Mumbaikar!

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4. Uniqueness of Experience - We spend a lot of time physically with our family members but how much of that time are we mentally present with each other? A day spent outdoors is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your loved ones. Watching and encouraging each other overcome small challenges such as fear of heights while climbing an artificial wall is a meaningful way to interact. Making mistakes, falling and laughing about it all is what a good day spent together should include anyway. A short and perfect family vacation awaits you at this day-out camp near Jalandhar.

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5. Pocket Friendly Picnic - We know the current situation has left a lot of us in a bit of a financial crunch. Planning anything extravagant is out of the question as uncertainty about the future looms overhead. These one day programs are great because they don't leave a hole in your pocket while packing in the max amount of fun. It's less of a burden and more like gifting yourself and your family the much needed break they deserve. If you are a Delhite try out zorbing, sport climbing and zipline at one of the day-out camps near Kundli.

Now you know, you don't need to google the picnic spots near you or attractions near you as you have an idea of where to go for your next family picnic!