Travel Young: Confessions of a Student Traveler

Photo of Travel Young: Confessions of a Student Traveler 1/1 by Sagnik Basu

The college years are easily the best and worst time in one’s life to travel. I understand the wretchedness of a penniless college student with an unquenchable thirst to cuddle the marvels of the world through travelling. If you are one of those who occasionally groan an inability to financially support their dream of being footloose, then there is a lot in store.

Let’s face it, during these four years your wallet will be as miserable as it is now. There is key thing that changed my attitude. I met other nomads. Well actually they were other students who loved travelling and were more determined to get my gluteus maximus around the globe. But again, dudes be broke. So our globe was India.

The act of rootlessness would change the way you think about affordability. But more decisively, travelling discloses you to different cultures with a multitude of values and you grow as person with every mile you cover. As you travel, you get to know that there is so much yet to be discovered and this realization is what allows the textbook travel bug to linger in your veins and not many people complain about it. As a matter of fact no one ever desires to cure the bug. We just seek to satisfy the symptomatic urges.

During or after these four years, you will always need money for travelling. The Gandhis will come and go, but the experiences which shape you are not replaceable. And never let guilt stroll its way in your conscience for spending on something which you believe will change you in a positive way.

Approach travel with the right attitude and never ever will you miss out on anything.

 Happy footloose!