Night Time Cruises in Florida - Sweet Liberty

26th Jul 2021

When it comes to the Florida sunsets, there is nothing like a Florida sunset cruise. The Florida sunsets are some of the best in the world. And when you combine that with a Florida sunset's like being in heavenly land. But what if there were such a thing as a Florida sunset least one that was not located on the Gulf coast of Florida?

There are indeed quite a number of very good Florida sunset cruises available. Many of these cruises will be taking you around or near the Gulf of Mexico. This is indeed the perfect time to take a Florida sunset cruise, because the water temperatures are very warm, sometimes as high as their tropical counterparts. You also get to see a great variety of marine life. Here is a partial list of some of the more popular Florida sunrise and sunset cruises:

A bit of an oddity is the Magnolia State Park cruise. This particular cruise operates out of New Orleans, but the name "Magnolia" is in reference to the large Magnolia trees that line the park. Each night, at about the same time, the cruise takes off and heads for the shoreline. At about half past ten, the ships normally stop to get underway for dinner. Just then, the music starts to play, and a series of fireworks light the way to the sea. This is indeed a wonderful display, and the cruise goes on until about midnight.

Photo of Night Time Cruises in Florida - Sweet Liberty 1/2 by Andrew Paul

If you happen to be looking for something a little different from what we have listed above, then consider booking a Florida navel cruise. This type of cruise goes along the Gulf of Mexico, and although it is not along the coast, it is by no means an out-of-the-way location. As soon as you dock, the chef takes over and prepares mouth-watering meals that are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. While not as large as the mansions lining the shore, the cost of this type of Florida navel cruise is still rather reasonable.

Last but certainly not least, there is the charmingly quaint town of Naples, Florida. Home to a long list of fine restaurants, galleries and other shops, Naples is also one of the premier destinations for Florida sunset cruises. While it is not directly on the Gulf of Mexico, you can view the setting sun from the deck of your vessel as it sets over the bay. While the town is small, it is well worth the five minute drive.

Photo of Night Time Cruises in Florida - Sweet Liberty 2/2 by Andrew Paul

Another great idea for a Florida sunset cruise is a trip on a luxurious yacht sailing catamaran. As the name suggests, the vacationers dine al fresco on the open deck while taking in the sights of the Gulf of Mexico. Along with dining, there are plenty of activities that the group can participate in. Pictures will be taken and the catamaran crew will also take time to play music for the group. This family outing is guaranteed to provide the passengers with some much-needed sea time.

For those looking for an even cooler way to enjoy the Florida sunset, consider taking a trip on a cool beans catamaran cruises. This is a smaller boat that cruises along the Gulf of Mexico. Cool beans catamaran cruises depart regularly and stop at various ports along the way. A cool beans catamaran cruise is perfect for those who enjoy being outdoors, but do not wish to take on sea water temperatures that are more than a few degrees below their liking.

The list of places to go on Florida sunset cruises is pretty long. Many of the ports along the Gulf of Mexico boast historic sites and museums that are worth exploring. Port Royal, located on the southern tip of Florida, is home to one of the most popular aquariums in the country. With plenty of nightlife and dining options in close proximity to the beach, visitors who take part in Florida cruise tours may stay around to enjoy sweet liberty.