Jaisalmer Camping

26th Oct 2019

Rajasthan is the state where historical monuments are found. Jaisalmer the golden city with beautiful historical places. On the first day there was beautiful experience of visiting Bada Bagh. This place was built by Jaisal Singh founder of state and Maharaja of Jaisalmer. The best thing of this place is its architecture, for which Rajasthan is very famous of. In the above image of Bada Bagh you can also observe different patterns of domes which is very attractive and creative.

After Bada Bagh our second destination was Sam Sand dunes desert to view beautiful Sun Set at that point. There were also many camp sites were situated there for night stay and also there were camel safari . The time was around evening 6.00 pm we observed light was going deem and Sun sets in the desert. After watching this beautiful view of sun set we had gone to the our Camp Site which was situated around 40 km from the Jaisalmer City.

We arrived to campsite at around 9 pm. Here the adventure begins. At the camp site there were no electricity, no lights. There was one camp setup for making food. As we are in desert there was limited water to drink or whatever you want to do. As this place was in desert there were many mosquito and we have eat in this environment. There were no lights only torch is our source but if we switch ON torch more mosquito will arrive. This was the real adventure of night stay in desert. There were also many sticky thrones which sticks on your clothes, even some desert insects was also there. And we have to stay at this place.

After this adventurous night we saw this beautiful sun rise. It feels like Sun itself telling us that welcome to this adventurous trip leaving behind the comfort zone. Sometimes living without electricity,water can make you closer to the nature. After watching this beautiful Sun rise from campsite we moved to Kuldhara the haunted place.

It is believed that around 117 years ago this village suddenly became empty as there is one curse that no one in this village can live happily. Hence it is not allowed to stay here after 6 pm. There is belief that who stays after 6 listens noise of many peoples saying "Chale jao wapis warna zinda nhi bachoge." Few years back some paranormal experts visited there and one person noticed ghost of one old man, which came to the dream of that person till 2 months.

After visiting this beautiful city Jaisalmer we came back to Ahmedabad, taking some beautiful moments with wonderful peoples and after exploring such nice place and also new peoples.