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Even though the current world is full of major technologies but still there is nothing more serene and beautiful than witnessing the nature.

From the mighty mountains to the turquoise blue water bodies, from the most amazing islands to the silence of deserts the nature has always kept all of us spellbind-ed.

They say that the god and the nature were at their artistic brilliance when they made something known as the " Tree Tunnel"

Here in this story, we will just cover the most epic and beautiful Tunnels of the World. And I would say keep your hand on your heart because it is going to be exquisite.

1. Tunnel of Love in Ukraine :

Klevan in Ukraine, a nearly two-mile stretch of private railway has turned the surrounding trees into an enchanting natural tunnel.

A train transporting wood to the nearby fiberboard factory runs three times daily. The railway tracks through the tree tunnel make for a lovely stroll for couples and singles to enjoy the beauty. The romantic setting earned this stretch of track its nickname, the “Tunnel of Love.” It’s also called the Green Mile Tunnel, for the bright leafy branches that arch over the railway.

The tunnel is amazingly green and is in bucket list of many people :)

Photo of Ukraine by Deepak Kashyap
Photo of Ukraine by Deepak Kashyap

2.Wisteria Tunnel in Japan

We are talking here about dreams,we are imagining the world of fairy and this is what happens when you pass through this amazing tunnel. The walk in this park is nothing less than magic :)

The pastel-colored passageway of wisteria flowers at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu is arguably the most beautiful sight in the world.

There are about 150 flowering wisteria plants of roughly 20 species that create this famous colorful flower tunnel.

Visit this tunnel during late April and you will observe the full bloom of the flowers.

Photo of Japan by Deepak Kashyap
Photo of Japan by Deepak Kashyap

3.Jacarandas Walk in South Africa

The Jacarandas Walk is a well-known destination in South Africa. Pretoria in South Africa is often called “Jacaranda City”, thanks to the miles upon miles of jacaranda trees that line its roads, parks and avenues.

The trees are dark purple in color and the beautiful drive or walk on the road is just epic.

The ideal visit should be in the month of November and December, the peak summer because the flowers are at full bloom during that time.

Photo of South Africa by Deepak Kashyap
Photo of South Africa by Deepak Kashyap

4.Cherry Blossom Avenue in Germany

Some of the most picturesque and romantic blooms can be found on Heerstrasse, also known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Germany.

The beautiful pink boughs spreading over old cobblestone street.The walk with your loved one on this road is highly recommended.

The entire street is a photographer's paradise and you can take pictures of the night and the day time separately.

The bloom is of the color of cherry and is damn beautiful.

Photo of Germany by Deepak Kashyap
Photo of Germany by Deepak Kashyap

5.Smuggler's Notch in USA

Situated in Vermont this tunnel is one of the most beautiful tunnel in the world.

The color of the flowers is mostly yellow and the alignment of the trees makes it so special.

The tunnel is known for probably the most beautiful car drive in the world.

Its proximity to Canada is also very special as once it was considered the major trade route.

Photo of USA by Deepak Kashyap
Photo of USA by Deepak Kashyap