Bynekaadu - A perfect weekend from Bangalore

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My definition for a perfect weekend getaway is a place in solace with good food and good company. Bynekaadu is perfect for both and is situated in the Kalasa district of Karnataka and is 6 hours drive from Bangalore.

The resort serves good food and the cottages are made of wood which makes its cosy and warm in the nights.

The resort staff can take you to a jeep drive to a waterfall which is very picturesque and could be your private waterfall to party. The waterfall is shallow and all you need is just jump and relax in the water. The resort people gives you life jacket in case you don't know swimming and for people who know swimming it's just a treat to float in the shallow water. The route to the waterfall is though the jungle and you can find plenty of snakes ( specially king cobras) across the road . The 5 mins walk till the water fall has leeches and you just need to put your steps carefully. Lime and salt is a solution to this problem so please try to carry that along from the resort kitchen.

The next destination nearby is the lush green grassland on the top of a mountain and you could see the long stretch of western ghats. This place is without the leeches and quite cold because of the altitude.

The food is a jewel of this resort and authentic Karnataka cuisine is mouth watering . The dinning area is just next to the flowing river , uphill and peaceful. 

Try booking in advance from there website or simply call them. They provide discounts on group booking so make sure you negotiate well. 

I leave the pictures uploaded to say the rest.

Njyy :)