Beautiful Places in Kandy – Sri Lanka’s Last Great Kingdom


Kandy was the seat of Sri Lanka’s last great kingdom. For centuries, it functioned as the island’s main centre of commerce and governance until it fell into the hands of the ever-expanding British Empire. Being such a historical location, there’s still plenty of amazing sights to visit and explore here.

The Temple of the Tooth

The Temple of the Sacred tooth relic – known locally as the Dalada Maligawa – is by far Kandy’s most famous historical attraction. It is said that within the temple’s decorated halls is the preserved tooth relic of the Buddha himself!

The Kandy Museum

If you’re staying at a centrally-located hotel in Kandy, be sure to make a quick trip to the Kandy Museum. Here you can learn the long and storied history of the once great Kandyan Kingdom – its kings, its rise, and its eventual downfall.

Kandy Lake

If you’re looking for a nice and relaxing picnic or perhaps a calm walk to soothe your mind, consider heading over to Kandy Lake. This is a man-made reservoir that sits right at the heart of the city – it’s also great for bird-watching.


Now, if you really want to catch sight of the magnificent avifauna that call Sri Lanka’s mountains home, Udawattakale is the place to be. Aside from all the wildlife, you might also stumble upon ancient ruins of a bygone age.