Binge Watch - Ramayana wali Hampi

18th Jan 2019
Photo of Binge Watch - Ramayana wali Hampi by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Binge Watch - Ramayana wali Hampi

Forgotten were the times of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana and Mahabharata telecast on DD channel, and so are the preaching.

Though millennials may have discovered the series, thanks to their parents, however pretty sure about the generation Z that, they were before COVID-19 clueless. Yet, known to the places of past unknowingly like The Hampi.

Remains of past remind and refresh their existence in our very present. Kishkindha Nagari where Sri Rama met Anjani Putra Hanuman -"Hampi" - A place where time stands still. Helplessly you reach the mesmerizing reminisces of the glorious time gone by!

Hampi was known as the Vijayanagara kingdom's capital. By 1500CE it was the world's second largest medieval-era city after Beijing. Probably India's richest at that time demolished and defeated by a coalition of Muslim sultanates in 1565. Hampi roads, riverside features, pillared halls, shrines, water works, agriculture made it the most beautiful city with multi-religion , multi-ethic rich culture. The city was looted and burnt for 6 months and abandoned as ruins.

A place caped by blue sky and giantly big bedrocks spread across of area. Apart from being a UNESCO declared Heritage Site, the idea of construction around thousand years ago was worth to rave upon.

The city was so prosperous that precious stones like diamonds would be sold in its streets of Krishna Bazaar.

Carvings of urbane enumerations on stones depict the trade connections with Arabs, Italy, Portuguese and many lost names. Hampi is one of its own kind. The huge architectural marvel is 40% of the actual kingdom.

Excavation is still going on and the wonders keep surprising the archaeological department, a few years back they have excavated 1kg of ornaments.

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An Excavated Site

There were some monuments constructed with no cement or any adhesive, it was only stone above every pillar lying horizontally and supporting the roof.

Photo of Binge Watch - Ramayana wali Hampi 2/2 by Gunjan Bharadwaj

The phenomenal thought process behind each and every piece of art, be it the pinhole camera effect in Virupaksha temple or intricately craved sculptures depicting the whole Ramayana, 56 musical pillars, variety of bangle shaped bordered monuments, numerous engraved jhumka designs at Vitthala Temple world-famous for the Stone Chariot built 600 years ago.

Lotus palace of queens and princesses for their fun activities has an inbuilt cooler, is yet another piece of man-made architectural marvel.

Keeping its historical prosperity alive Hampi stands for its nameless shops and Hippie culture too. Little queery shops selling off the track art of t-shirts, trinkets, bags, a variety of accessories and souvenirs.

Rusty hues, jade-green palm groves, alluring little restaurants across the river, with dainty floor sitting arrangements, serving amazing food and the placid ambiance allow you to lie down and retrospect!

Make travel happen once Corona fever gets over!

Happy traveling :)

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