Freaky Hampi Trip

3rd Jan 2019
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip by Akhil Agarwal

Have you ever come across a place where you can get a taste of traditional as well as nontraditional culture.

If not, then its high time to think about paying a visit to Hampi where traditional-art and hippie-art exists simultaneously.

My purpose of visit was :-

1. Hampi, being UNESCO world heritage site.

2. Wanted to explore the Hippie culture.

3. Fascinated by its scenic beauty.

4. Excited about the first time Budget trip (Expected budget - 3k for 2N and 3D).

So I won't bore you with where you should go or not go neither I will bombard you with some informational stuff.

Rather, I will share my experience about what unconventional things i did during my stay in Hampi which might help you in planning your trip.

FYI:- Hampi is divided into two parts by the Tungabhadra river.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 1/16 by Akhil Agarwal

Let's name one side as Temple-Hampi and the other one as Hippie -Hampi. To reach to Hippie Island/Hampi, you have to cross the river on a Coracle from Temple-Hampi.

We took a bicycle(Remember Budget trip) from Temple-Hampi as this side is cheaper than the other one and our accommodation was in Hippie-Hampi because we don't want to miss the famous night life of the Island.

Luckily we found a cheap stay (cottage room at 500 Rs/day) at the Island.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 2/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Hangout place of our Guest house

At night there was this lively place which was full of transcend music and divine vibes. The place was an open mic and people who were playing the instruments were completely high and upbeat.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 3/16 by Akhil Agarwal
This guy recited Gayatri mantra and it was completely avant-garde

The next day I woke up to this musical therapy session. We were asked to lie down and close our eyes, we just have to listen to the guy playing all sorts of instruments. There were some instruments which i have never seen in my life, but the kind of sensations i felt was something which I never experienced before.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 4/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 5/16 by Akhil Agarwal
This Handpan is worth 3 lakh and i really like its music

The best place I found in Hampi is this where sitting on the boulders you can have a look at the entire place. The view is magnificent,something which cannot be described in words and has to be experienced.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 6/16 by Akhil Agarwal
It is that moment when one introspects about oneself.

If you are in Hampi and wants to try some crazy stuff then get a hold of this thing.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 7/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Hampi Seeds

These are called Hampi seeds and the one who sold us literally said: "Dude have 10 of these and you will fly". Well, he was wrong because only 8 seeds were enough to make me fly.

Word of Advice:- If you think that you are going out of control after having the seeds, then just go to your room and sleep.

One thing which people don't know about Hampi is that this place is believed to be a birth place of Sri Hanuman. Thus, there is a Hanuman temple which one should definitely pay a visit.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 8/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 9/16 by Akhil Agarwal
That's how we learn to drink from a bottle

By this time we returned our cycles, since the Hanuman temple was too far to cover by foot so Hitch hiking comes to our rescue.In the beginning, I was little skeptical about it but people living over there were really hospitable and friendly.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 10/16 by Akhil Agarwal

Finally, our trip ended with tons of good memories and lifetime experience. Although our budget overshoot by 1k(Overall, it cost 4k) because we travel by bus (Train would have been preferred) but nonetheless you can easily cover this trip in 3k.

Have a look at some of the stunning snaps.

Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 11/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Somewhere in Hippie Island
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 12/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Sun Temple
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 13/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Hampi is surrounded by innumerable Boulders
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 14/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Step well
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 15/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Lotus Temple
Photo of Freaky Hampi Trip 16/16 by Akhil Agarwal
Wishing Stones