21st Jun 2017
Photo of Hampi 1/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Just as we parked the car in the Hampi Parking Lot and got ourselves freshened up, this sight welcomed us to the much awaited trip to Hampi.

Starting our trip late in the previous evening from Hyderabad it took us over 10 hours to reach the destination.

Photo of Hampi 2/32 by Dheeraj Balla
before entering into Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple
Photo of Hampi 3/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Entry way
Photo of Hampi 4/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Photo of Hampi 5/32 by Dheeraj Balla
The Statue of Ganesha is pretty big and is carved out of a single stone. Amazing!
Photo of Hampi 6/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This here is the Krishna Bazaar opposite to Sri Krishna Temple
Photo of Hampi 8/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Adjacent to Laksmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is this monolithic Shiva Ling and is called Badavilinga Temple
Photo of Hampi 9/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Called the Lotus Mahal, The Queens residence, which had an air-conditioning system that used water to flow into the roof and walls using some suction technology back in those times. I still wonder how!
Photo of Hampi 10/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Not that far away from the Lotus Mahal is the stable for Elephants
Photo of Hampi 12/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This bunch is one funny lot to travel with

The architects were indeed genius, without any computers or advanced machinery, to have used technology where ever applicable with such nonchalance that even today we are made to keep wondering about it. In fact, in India, there are many other such establishments even before this period.

Photo of Hampi 13/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This is one such establishment of water flow system in to the wells and baths
Photo of Hampi 14/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Public Bath in perfect geometry
Photo of Hampi 15/32 by Dheeraj Balla
These carvings are on the base of a palace and this is called as the Mahanavami Dibba
Photo of Hampi 16/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This is Mahanavami Dibba. The palace, as it is known was destroyed by the Delhi Sultanate, but if it was still standing, the scale of beauty, architecture and appearance is only left to our imagination people.
Photo of Hampi 17/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Even the Doors were carved out of single stones. No compromise.
Photo of Hampi 18/32 by Dheeraj Balla
A local school probably organised a tour. Obedient little ones there in the lawn outside the Queens Bath.
Photo of Hampi 19/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Inside the Queens Bath
Photo of Hampi 21/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Need to hire an electric van to go to Vijaya Vitthala Temple where the well known Stone Chariot resides
Photo of Hampi 22/32 by Dheeraj Balla
en route to Vijaya Vitthala Temple and as you can see here is the market street heading towards the temple entrance gate, seen distantly.
Photo of Hampi 23/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Stalls for the market where all the trading was done. Trading horses was one of them.
Photo of Hampi 24/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This is the entrance gate of Vijaya Vitthala Temple where my friend, Prem, is standing exactly at its base, and admiring its beauty.
Photo of Hampi 25/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Voila! The Stone Chariot! One cannot pass by without admiring its grandeur.
Photo of Hampi 26/32 by Dheeraj Balla
I was dumb enough to try and move it. HAHA!
Photo of Hampi 27/32 by Dheeraj Balla
This structure was on the left of the temple. Probably used during occasions and festivals
Photo of Hampi 29/32 by Dheeraj Balla
Landscape of the temple premises
Photo of Hampi 30/32 by Dheeraj Balla
You could get, if interested, some souvenirs or collectables

There are a lot more places around the area to visit that are significant like the Virupaksha Temple and few other places that are spread out where people can visit if they have enough time to explore. But otherwise, 2 days is what is required, in my opinion, to cover most of the major points of interest.

Photo of Hampi 31/32 by Dheeraj Balla
View from atop on our way back to hyderabad
Photo of Hampi 32/32 by Dheeraj Balla
I do not recollect to which side of Hampi this dam was. I don't even have any record of it. If anyone who sees this and knows about it, then kindly pass it on to me and I shall update it. Thank you.