Uttara Kannada Beach Trek

25th Nov 2017

The Magical Love Story.

Me: Dear waves, please come and kiss my feet!

Ocean: Yes I will, but one condition though.

Me: What condition?

Ocean: - Promise me, you won’t fall in love with me.

Me: But I am already crazy about you. I love you!!!

Ocean: You can shove the sand off from your feet, but not from your soul.

Me:- You are my soul

Ocean: - Someone truly said, ‘A woman’s face holds a secret of her life.’

And i smiled …..

Standing on the shore, she so loved the ocean that every time the waves left, they always came back to her kissing her feet every now and then. And the mysterious journey of love started.

The Konkan railways and the 12 crazy trekkers- The journey which I suggest each one of you to take at least once in your lifetime and that too travelling in an second class compartment. The tunnel sound, the track, the bridges, the picturesque, the stations is worth a shot. Thankfully my journey with a stranger friends turned out to be my best travel buddies. The all-time wanderer traveler and the humour magazine Shashank, the graceful artist Kavita Joshi, my school friend Pushkar Patil, the foody Akash, the very handsome Abhijit, the selfie king Aruldoss, and for all those who say ‘men are stronger’, saraswati proved this to be wrong, her first and successful trek in her lifetime was her achievement and encouragement for us all. The quietest Omkar, and how can I forget the talkative and enthu trios who added life to our group.

And the countdown to our beach trek started from Vannali beach, Mangodlu,Kadle, Nirwana and finally a peaceful stay at Belakan beach. The pure weather, fresh air and the amazing view was something that made my morning at Belakan beach. Adding to my belief that no matter how dark the night is, there is always a new day waiting to be kissed by the first light of morning rays, with the gleaming sand in golden and the sea shells adding to its beauty. Watching the dazzling sunset colours of the sky as if the ocean is crowned in golden by the heavens is truly a joy of thousand miles. Routing our trek through Paradise, Om and half-moon beach and finally to truly magical Gokarna beach. How can I forget the beautiful view which left me speechless and mesmerized that I can’t even describe half of the beauty it is, but still pours into you thousands of words.

The World has few secrets left, and surely Uttar Kannada is one of them .Truly these beaches are the unspoilt destination adorned with sandy beach glowing in the shadow of subrays, encouraging everyone who is dreaming of escaping from an ordinary life, it’s with the ocean that you realize that life is never ordinary. The thrilling and the adventurous trek, and for all those who are still dreaming of trekking, gear up your trek shoes move on as life lies beyond the comfort of your home. And finally it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. What you do everyday matters, but what you do every once in awhile matters more.

Cheers to the wild and crazy 12 trekkers. As I believe we only part to meet again, till then keep chasing your dreams and explore this wonderful universe as nothing is permanent in life, once needs to evolve towards the next horizon.