Travelers, not models: These body positive travel influencers ask you to celebrate yourself the way

Photo of Travelers, not models: These body positive travel influencers ask you to celebrate yourself the way by Viral Paun

In the race of being the best and showing the world on Instagram how perfect our life is, how excellent we are, makeup tries to fix the skin, and shapewear trying to fix body image issues. But is that what we need to be loved for, even on social media.

All of us might face body image issues, and not everyone is strong enough to handle it. While girls on the heavier side might not be comfortable in their heavy thighs wearing beach outfits they love, the dusky girls may not be comfortable wearing their favorite bright colors.

But in the colossal travel industry, some influencers and travelers explain the importance of being happy within the skin and body. Let's talk about people who share the confidence that a person needs whatever is the cause.

Shranaya Iyer - Aka Truly Nomadly

The way she is confident about the body. She is uplifting and listening to the voices no matter the looks and the skin and the body.

She is skinny, black but an influencer who influences many people to travel and live their dreams. She is the person who either chooses not to give a fuck to people or address it in a manner that influences a lot of audiences to be confident about what and who we are. But she never allows jerks on social media allow to break her confidence.

She is the one who is self-confident not only by passion and profession but confident by the body.

Rashmee - Travelwithsearats

This couple has been viral with their travel content on Instagram. They are just the goal. What more do you need when you get to travel, and you are with a partner, and you can generate an income from that. But, it is not easy enough to be always in front of the camera, especially in a swimsuit and on the beaches of goa wearing a bikini, when you don't have the abs and those perfect skinny sexy thighs.

Well, Rashmee is just an inspiration. Without having the perfect body, you can go viral and be loved by the audience—capability matters. If you look at the pictures of Rashmee, she doesn't have that perfect dream bikini summer body, but it doesn't stop her from giving content and wearing the clothes that she wants.

Well, not having a perfect summer body is okay. We cannot punish ourselves for not having abs and sexy legs. But be confident of what we are and wear what we feel too! Be comfortable and do not get offended by whatever the audience has to say.

Brinda Sharma - The Chota ( called by Anunay Sood)

Okay, being mentally fit is the foremost thing one needs to be stable in life. With the ups and downs of life, here is what Brinda Sharma talks about.

Once in a lifetime, everyone feels that - I wish I had done this. And that's okay to feel whatever you have in mind. But Brinda writes a letter to herself and expresses how she first used to hate herself and now is proud of the person she has become. She works on herself and shows the real version of herself every damn day.

Karishma Shaikh - A tripoto Member

Hell yes, not only the successful bloggers, but we have many ordinary people who are just an inspiration. Karishma Shaikh is a Feature writer at Tripoto. She is from India and is living her dreams in Paris. In the Instagram posts, she mentioned the way she deals with LUPUS.

Everyone faces breakdowns and insecurities, but to speak about them on social media and being the real you to motivate people is something we all look for.

Karishma is a traveler, a member of the LUPUS community, and a feature writer at Tripoto but her stories from Paris are fantastic.

Yes, It’s high time you feel the happiness in your skin. It's time to know such people, get inspired, and be the real version of what you are, what you want, and how your life is.

Be raw, be authentic and be you.

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