Why a Maldives Honeymoon is better than any other places?


Honeymoon is one of the most amazing moments for every newlywed couple. It is the start of that beautiful journey of togetherness and rejoices which everyone cherishes in corner of their heart. Years pass, but the memories of the honeymoon never fade. Whether it’s the first ever honeymoon or many coming after that, the place of honeymoon matters a lot. The place has to be magical and romantic. Yes, there are numerous spectacular honeymoon destinations around the world, however, the Maldives has always tops the list.

White sand beaches, Azure-blue waters and lush green surrounding, it is like nature has designed the Maldives to celebrate love. The local people have cherished these gifts from nature and have built a few of the most beautiful sea-side villas in the world. There are so many answers to a question- why a Maldives honeymoon is better than any other places?

1. The beach that glows in the night

One can enjoy a romantic walk on white sand beaches on plenty of islands around the world. But that walk becomes magical at the glowing beach on Vaadhoo Island. Imagine how romantic that stroll would be when soft sand tickles your feet and the rising waves of ocean glowing in the hues of heavenly blue gives you and your partner a truly splendid night.

2. The colourful Malé

When glowing beach enlightens your nights walk, the capital city adds the colours in your days. If you enjoy visits to places with cultural heritages, Malé can be a perfect getaway for you. Though small, the city is full of interesting places like Grand Friday Mosque, National Museum and Esjehi Art Gallery. Pamper your partner with local food and handmade jewellery in Malé and make honeymoon memorable.

3. Watching the ocean from a bird’s eye view

Your dream comes true to fly over the ocean when you visit the Maldives. De Havilland Twin Otter seaplane can take you on the ride to watch the spectacular Indian Ocean the way birds see it. The seaplane ride amazes you by a panoramic view of dolphins schools, fishing villages and underwater lagoon in turquoise blue waters.

4. A dinner date below the water

The dinner date with a view of hundreds of fishes flying over your head, nothing can be more romantic than this! Underwater aquarium restaurants arrange incredibly romantic dinners for a couple who spend a night there followed by a delicious breakfast.

5. Close to nature

This archipelago of 1,192 islands is gifted with unbelievably beautiful marine life. The coral reefs around the islands have created spectacular ecosystems underwater, which you discover along with your partner through activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. There are many cruise rides included in Maldives honeymoon packages that take you along on a romantic ride in the ocean. Maldives honeymoon takes you close to nature and her beautiful creations. Maldives tour packages generally include all of the above things, however checking before booking is always wise.