And I met 'ME' in the hills..

22nd Nov 2019
Day 1

Ever happed to you that you want to be somewhere, but deep down you have the fear of letting yourself free and be where you want to be?
I always loved hills, even before being there.. even in the pictures, the posters, the movies. There is something about them which glues me, pulls me like a magnetic force.
I never travelled until last few years, and then this 1 experience introduced me to the stronger, focused and committed version of mine.
I decided to travel solo, and joined a group of people for a trek in khajjiar. Call it insanity or my uproar state, I just could get enough of those hills. In the chilling winter of december, I decided to trek down from Dainkund to Khajjiar without any guide trusting my instincts. Everybody backed out except one. We saw an army man going the saw way and knew we certainly aren't mad but apparently We lost our way, got him out of sight and couldn't track down the path, half the way covered in snow. It was a sight of jungle and snow capped hills And for a moment I cried and questioned why am I doing this?
With and hour of crying on the lost way and questioning myself, we 2 gathered the courage to listen to our instincts. That's what people say, when you are in mountains your instincts show you the way.
I was just not ready to give up, just not ready to turn down my commitment to reach down.
We started drifting slowly yet steadily, not afraid anymore, sliding down and down..
Few hours of the struggle and we could hear noices.. we were near! Almost..!
Made it down by the evening, and cried of joy.. yet again 😬
That day, I recalled all those days when I used to spend hours reading about treks, solo travels, challenging nature and used to wonder if I was made to do this ever. The answer to it, I got that day!
I know what I can and there is no looking back now.
Mountains, they are home to now, knowing them everyday in bits and pieces. Struggling with mood swings to as of dealing with a spouse.
The peace in the woods which you can never find in the hustle of your life in cities.
Beaches may give you liesure but Yet again, you want to be home whatever season it may be, when it's this home of yours what give you strength and courage! This is it. They are home to the people who believe in.!

Photo of And I met 'ME' in the hills.. by Svatee Sharma