Havelock Island: Govindnagar Beach

28th Jan 2018
Photo of Havelock Island: Govindnagar Beach by RD Prajapati
Day 7

We were staying at Pano Eco Resort. It is right next to Govindnagar beach. Well done.

We had to leave Havelock this evening, but due to not getting the booking of the boat, we had to book in the morning boat itself. In this way, we did not even have twenty four hours to see the beautiful place like Havelock. Yesterday saw Radhanagar beach, today we see Govindnagar present.

We went with the preparation of bath, but when we saw coral rocks, we abandoned the intention of bathing. The water was quite calm. There was no depth of water in the far distance. Aakka-duksa tourists were the same. Many of them were about to go for scuba diving. We do not have such 'activity'. After a long time snorkeling, it was enough.

There was a check-out time of eight o'clock. Check-out in all hotels in Andamans takes place between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning. Every room in each hotel is clearly written that you have to leave the room at that very moment. So at eight o'clock we left the room too. Talking of walking a jetty with an auto-player, I'll take five hundred rupees. We were ready to give 100 So much money was not given to us for three kilometers and we had to walk once again. Walking on a paved road leads to blisters in my legs. We had walked 15-16 kilometers in the day before in the Neel. In reaching the big trouble jetty.

Idle and dosa we eat with a bite. Go to a dirty-looking south Indian shop and eat it. Till now, I used to eat five fingers and eat it. Eating with a spoon or eating with two fingers does not yield fulfillment. Brilliance began to cling to five fingers from the first day.

This ship was very big. Many hundred travelers could travel in it. The seat we got was in the closed room in the bottom of the ship. No window Great disappointment occurred. There was also the option of going to the top of the deck, but we had a two-and-a-half-hour journey on board 'M.S. Dhoni liked watching the movie. The movie was good It was also pleasantly surprised to see that Dhoni, at one time, had a TT at Kharagpur station. Used to check people's tickets and used to check tickets.