31st Dec 2018
Photo of KRABI ISLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP PART-3 #MyWanderlustStory by the_erratic

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So as mentioned in my previous story PART-1 and 2, the itinerary for my trip was:

Kolkata-Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket-Phi Phi Islands-Krabi Islands-Bangkok-Kolkata.

In this article, I'll be sharing the story of my experience at the KRABI ISLANDS.

Now, you see, Krabi is remote and far from the hustle of city-life. Very few population and only 30% of Thailand's tourist population visit Krabi. So the people over here are way too nice and helpful. They are honest and hard-working. So you wont be getting ripped-off here. I dropped my mobile phone on the mini-van as i fell asleep through the entire journey. The driver had no idea about it. The local tour person helped me to locate the mini-van and the driver came back to return the phone to me. Thats the level of honesty I'm talking about!!

This trip comes with 3 snorkeling points (one of them is night snorkeling), a meal buffet and a fire show.

We were taken to the pier and the boat was about to leave the pier at sharp 1pm. There was no time for lunch, so i filled my appetite with some mixed rice and a banana-cheese pancake. They make awesome pancakes at only 40 baht (rs.80).

The tickets have to be stamped and we're given a sticker tag to stick it on our shirts/tshirts to differentiate from the other passengers of the other boats. The dive goggles and snorkeling masks were given for free and had to be returned after the tour, failing to which there is a fine of 500 baht (rs.1000/equipment).


So, with high hopes, tags stuck and equipment collected, we boarded the boat. There were double decked and the upper deck provided the better view. But there's a limit to the number of persons to sit on the upper deck. So make sure, when you are there, you are in the front of the line or you may lose most of the open view.

The weather was awesome, cloudy and light drizzle, just the way i like it. Come on, I hate it sunny!!

Ao Nang Pier

Photo of KRABI ISLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP PART-3 #MyWanderlustStory by the_erratic

Thus, we sailed off to witness the less explored beauty of the Krabi group of islands in the Andaman Sea.

Poda island

Photo of KRABI ISLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP PART-3 #MyWanderlustStory by the_erratic

The upper deck of the boat and the lovely weather.

Photo of Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic


The first attraction of the tour was the Chicken Island. This island got its name because of the rock formation and the shape of the island which looks like a chicken. There's no halt on this island and we got to see it only from our boat.

Chicken Island

Photo of Chicken Island, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic


Just as we moved from the Chicken Islands, it started to rain at a distance and the showers were clearly visible as they were falling off from a small section of the clouds. The breeze was strong as it seemed to take away all the fatigue away. We headed towards the Tup islands which was the first Snorkeling Point of the tour.

Tup Islands

Photo of Tup Island, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic

The difference between the Phi Phi islands tour and the Krabi Islands tour is that the points of scenic attraction are far from each other. Thus, it took quite a while to go to our next destination which was the best of all..


This cave is like a huge rock formation with a relatively small opening at the sea-level where the waves strike. This was another snorkeling point and there was some current...i must tell you. Unlike the snorkeling i did at Phi-Phi islands without a life-jacket and swimming around below the water-surface, this was deeper and more exposed to the wildness of the sea depth. The current was stronger mostly because of the turbulent weather that day.

Phra Nang Princess Cave

Photo of Phra nang Cave Beach, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic
Photo of Phra nang Cave Beach, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic
Photo of Phra nang Cave Beach, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic

Moving on from the cave, the sun was almost setting, and it was time for our meals. Our next destination.


Whenever I am at the sea, nothing appeals to me more than the view of the setting sun in the sky. This view, however, was the best I have ever witnessed till date. Describing the view in mere words wouldnt justify it. To be honest, I either lose or fall short of words whenever I trying to describe it to someone. So better, I'll let the advocacy to the photos...

Unedited. Unfiltered.

Photo of KRABI ISLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP PART-3 #MyWanderlustStory by the_erratic
Photo of KRABI ISLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP PART-3 #MyWanderlustStory by the_erratic

For all the travel lovers, i managed to get a video on our way to the Poda Island as well.

The Sun was already set and the darkness set in as well. There was a table on which a buffet stall was placed ad had a number of delicious food items, mostly non-veg dishes. There was a single source of light on the beach and we gathered around it and placed seated ourselves on the sandy beaches and enjoyed the food.

Poda island

Photo of Poda island, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand by the_erratic

After our meals, it was time to head back to the pier, but, before that. The final attraction of this tour was yet to be experienced.

NIGHT SNORKELING near the Ao Nang Pier!! The vastness of the sea in pitch-black night. The lights of the boats were dimmed and wherever you see, was nothingness. The water was pleasantly cold and there was a rope tied to the boat. The snorkelers were asked to grab and get hold of the rope and swim forward. After everyone was in line, the lights of the boat was switched off and we looked under water. Each time you wave your hands under water, you'll be able to see the bio-luminescent organisms lit up!

Those who didnt want to get down into the sea at night, a bucket of sea water was pulled by the boat-men and they could see the luminescence in the bucket as well.

Well, as for myself, i decide to try it under the sea....and in excitement, while getting down, i slept when i was still in the process of adjusting my snorkeling gear. Dont happens!! But oh man...oh man!! That was some sight to behold!! The luminescence is still instilled in me.

After getting on the boat, the chill could be felt. But soon after getting down at the pier, the show-stoppers were waiting for us at the bay.


The fire-show comes as the complimentary part of the trip and is included in the tour package. Two talented men ans some SKRILLEX Music...thats all it took to set the evening on fire!! This show is equivalent to the entire island tour. Dont believe me? I'll let the videos in the links do the it yourself!!

With this, the tour ultimately came to an end. The perfect place to spend your new years.

Krabi- a place where Adventure serves as a dopamine and relaxing agent at the same time!! If you are here, of course you should be here if you are in Thailand, never miss this tour. Its bound to mesmerize you. A different feeling altogether. Love travelling? Love islands? Love adventure? Krabi is the place to serve you.

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