The indefinable love - Shimla


My strong and hard to understand love for nature made me to paved my way  to the place where the nature was apparelled with the angelic silvered attire of snow prettified with the pearl like waterfalls and the extraordinary surrounding of woody trees were adding the feather to its cap. Its was looking like the solidity of my dream which I was perceiving through my sense's. I was in the most beautiful and charming hill station abiding on this earth SHIMLA.

The frostiness days of December were the favourite days in my memory, I spent in Shimla. The capital of Himachal Pradesh , Shimla was the place with striking hills,snow capped mountain ranges ,elegant lakes and the beautiful valleys with its extravagant Greenery.

I started my journey of love from the famous Mall road which was right in centre of Shimla holding the ambience of Colonial Era. The road was the kinda a paradise for shopholics thronged with the number of shops. The commercial area of Mall road built during the British reign had many hotels,bars,clubs ,restaurants,offices banks accompanied by the heart skipped a beat  views of the valleys.  The charm of the Mall road was something which nobody could overlooked.  Watching the scenic beauty of the valley while taking the sip of my hot soup was incredible.

The thirst of my love for the nature introduced me the 8500ft high peak the "Jakhoo hill" . 2 km away from Shimla the Jakhoo hills were the highest peak in the place covered with Alpine tress , was looking like a green Diamond in the necklace of white pearls. The 'Jakhoo temple' situated at the height of 2,455m on the hills were the prime attraction of the tourist. The temple was dedicated to the Hindu god Hanuman ,who according to the legend stopped at this hills while he was searching the 'Sanjeevni Booti' to heal Lakshman in the epic of "Ramayana".  The 33m high statue of Lord Hanuman was also positioned there. While ascending up there were lots of monkeys on the way making me to hide my stuffs but they were really very nice to me. Pony rides were also available there but being a adventure Romeo I preffered climbing up. The composedly aura of the hill in the green canopy of alphine offering the breath taking views of snowcapped Himalayan mountains.

The next destination I went was the 1283m high " Summer hills" which was 5 km away and a very popular tourist spot in Shimla. The hills was fully covered with the snow making the mood glowing more romantically. The pine and the deodar forest was bordering the hill with its capitaving setting. The Summer Hills had also displayed the snow covered mountains which was really enchanting. The gratifying walk through the rich flora and faunna of the hills was unforgettable.

At a distance of 7 km from Shimla and a few km away from  Summer Hills  was the "Chadwick fall" which was truly adorned by the nature. The Crystal clear water falling from the Himalayas was like the millions of pearls coming down from the heaven to embrace the earth. Encircled by the thick woods of pine and greenery the site was a treat to the eyes. The green decoration and the steepy hills around the waterfall made it more exotic and enthralling. The fast flowing waterfall falling from the height of  1586m was too cold and chilly but the cold breezes were making the biosphere revitalising and rejuvenating. This alluring gift of nature offereing magnetizing display , made it a must visit place in Shimla.

My love got even more deeper when I travelled 20 km from Shimla and I found my self in the 'Switzerland of East' "Kufri" . Positioned at an altitude of 2,633m the small hill station of Kufri was heaven for the adventure seekers like me.  Completely covered with snow ,the lush dark and woody hilly tress were complimenting the arrangement. The hills was crowded with the tourist , but still there was something in the air of Kufri which upholded the tranquility of the place.  Once being a part of Nepal kingdom ,was now the place for tourist attraction. The hills was also a very famous spot for skiing and hiking and for peace lover the Himalayan nature park,a small zoo ,picnic spot made 'Kufri' to be in list of "Have Been".The hills was boasting of its unmatched charm and sublimity.

The grandiose hills covering the white blanket of snow, the green garden of nature ,  the eyeful waterfalls was like the masterpiece of an artist who translated all his creativity in this picture perfect.