Heavenly London

29th Apr 2015
Day 3

So at last my dream of visiting London had come true. At first surely unimaginable but yes i was in London and enjoying there. I had traveled London last 10 years then being a kid i wasn't sure of what i could i have done and what should i do as i grow up. So finally I am out on the beautiful and breathtaking London streets and feeling the aura of a different world. It was impossible for me to control my felicity. Though I had that eerie feeling within me of being unknown in this adorable city, but my first visit couldn't have been better than visiting this exhibition. So fast cars, exotic decor, fancy food and what not was seen by me on this visit.

Day 4

So this being my second day, I got to visit the marvelous spanish festival happening on the southwark street on the shores of the famous thames river and from over which we could easily discover the tower bridge and the london eye.

Day 11

Over the next weekend i had a chance to visit one of the historic museum which was historic for its work in art and culture all over te world. It din't cost me a penny to visit it ad no admission fees but the enormous amount of time it took to visit was worth every minute.

Day 21

Perfect View 

Photo of Emirates Stadium, London, United Kingdom by Vinay Gajria