Indore - The adda of foodies Ujjain- The religious side of India 

16th Mar 2018

Madhya Pradesh, it was never in my list because of distance, Different culture and I did not know anyone there, & Then I had a roommate from Indore. We connected so well with each other and the time came when I had to go and attend her wedding in Devas, a small town near Indore. An overnight train journey is always the best if you are travelling more than certain hours.

I had taken intercity express after few hours journey I got down at station. The first thing I could see at the station the ample number of breakfast options with a minimal cost INR 20, its served on small pieces of newspapers like Poha,Hot jalebis and ‘Alu Kachoris’ and much more.

It is said that Beer is best drank in Goa only where enough is not the word,

The same way Indore’s environment is such it will tempt you more towards the food and it gets digested faster. I had to agree the way I had food there.

I reached on the same way of engagement and took leave for next couple of days to explore the nearby places.

We attended the function in the evening and Planned for Ujjain Temple tour next day and to visit Chappn gadhi indore – The saraffa .

Devas where I was staying is an amazing place small town full of greenery and temples.

We visited “Tekri” it one of the “Goddess’s Temple “, to reach the Temple you may have to climb couple of stairs , from the top you can see the whole Devas and the view is amazing. Both sides of the stairs , its full of greenery. We spent some time there and headed for Ujjain.


Ujjain is an ancient city beside the Kshipra River in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. One of the religious place for Hindus. The city is full of temples, it is said that If you will start putting single grain in each temple from a big bag, you will be short of grains but the temple will never finish. Ujjain is also the venue for the famed Kumbh Mela which makes it a not to miss place.

The closer we were reaching the temple, everything was making sense to us.

We stopped nearby to a Dhaba and had the ‘ Takasur – thali”.

Photo of Indore - The adda of foodies                                    Ujjain- The religious side of India  1/5 by Anshu

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

I have heard about this temple from my mother that its out of e 12 Jyotirlingas and it famous for Bhasmaarti which is an everyday ritual .We could see people preparing for the aarti and the bhasm was coming from one of the Yagya Bhawan, just next to the temple.

The Kalbhairava Temple

Before we were entering in the temple Deepti scared me that it’s going to be full of Ashes and Tantras chanting inside the temple. We saw lot of sadhus with Bhasam on the body they were not wearing any clothes, these we call the “Naaga Baba “. I have not seen them before. Without any festival the temple was full of devotees, It gets more life one occasion of Shivaratri. Another mind changing aspect of the temple is devotees can take alcohol inside, which is served like prasad and the soil consumes it all. There is no science of soil quality behind consuming liquor in the temple even discovery channel fails to prove the same.

In between of all the listed places we did visit the Ram ghat and other nearby Ghats and has the local food.

Chintaman Ganesh

Ganpati comes first when we worship or start any new work. The belief is that the idol was not placed by anyone in this temple , its born from the land itself called “Swayambhu”

Devotee goes to this temple as it known as the assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties.

You will find lot of pillars around the and a big Anngan with trees.

Bhartrihari Caves

Another important destination in Ujaain, the enterence is really small then you need to bend a bit to get into the caves, There is water in the caves and its very cold and calm inside. The caves are famous that Vikrmaditya used to meditate in the caves after renouncing all the possessions and relations. He wrote many a poems with the time he spend inside the caves. I could still the calmness. Peace, the fresh breath.

Chaubis Khamba

My favourite place in indoor, it was Saturday evening when we entered in this temple the whole temple was lighten up with Diyas, it was mesmerizing, Perfect and the best example from the old era, impressive architecture. From the entrance itself you will not close your eyes for a moment, two goddesses are crafted on the doors, it’s said it for good luck and prosperity & to save the temple from bad vibes.

The day was coming to an end and we were tired, we headed towards home with amazing facts of India and with glad hearts that such amazing places Exists.

The whole of the way it was raining the sky was getting darker.

Next day we were all set for Indore as evening i had a train .

The main thing i wanted to see in indore the Sarafa market , its an small area near Holkers university. Sarafa means - Jawel and the market had lot of gold and antique jewllry . The market remains crowded started from the morning itself as apart from the jawels , It has the mouth watering , tempting food. Smells of gulab jamun, and hot frying oil start wafting and appetites are aroused. Traditional ‘Chaat’ houses open and sweet sellers sit with their huge assortments of freshly made gulab jamuns, rabdi, kalakand and malpuas. One can see people gorging on ‘Kachoris’, ‘Samosas’ and ‘Tikkis’.

The food session was over by lunch and we were so stuffed still wanted to have more snacks , We didn't not have any space from in our stomach but the bags we filled with all kinds of sev and dry snacks .... We headed towards the kapda market and got some cotton suits . The variety of clothes is amazing there , Prices are also reasonable .

You will find lot of foreigners and Indians in the market , It gets crowded on the weekend wherein remains less crowded over the weekdays.

We had enough for that day and headed towards Devas I packed all my stuff and back to the station but this time the train was not for heading home , This time it was to go to Kota and meet few of my friends there .

The tales will always be never ending, The places will remain in the heart. The fun moment will make us remind the closeness with the friends.

Photo of Indore - The adda of foodies                                    Ujjain- The religious side of India  2/5 by Anshu
Photo of Indore - The adda of foodies                                    Ujjain- The religious side of India  3/5 by Anshu
Photo of Indore - The adda of foodies                                    Ujjain- The religious side of India  4/5 by Anshu
Photo of Indore - The adda of foodies                                    Ujjain- The religious side of India  5/5 by Anshu

I had a wonderful experience in these cities specially Ujjain, As I am a bit religious person.

My next MP trip is going to be Khajuraho, I am just dreaming about this place….

Till then

Keep traveling