Food Safari in Sarafa Bazar- Indore

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Food Safari in Sarafa Bazar- Indore

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. -George Bernard Shaw

Well said by George Bernard Shaw.

Street food in india is the most economical and delicious idea to calm down your stomach. and when it comes to tasty street food, you can not miss the Indore's Best street food market Sarafa Bazaar".

Sarafa Bazaar is Situated in the rajwada location which is the heart of indore City. this Market Known as Sarafa Bazaar coz it has Jewellery shops in day time and in the night time it becomes the street food market.

You can reach to sarafa bazaar from any location in indore. You can get Auto rickshaw from any location and just ask autowala to take you to sarafa Bazar.

I took my Auto from RNT Square and autowala took Rs 70 to drop me there.

So now lets start the journey of the Famous Delicious Street Food of Indore.

Its a very small area where you will find so many amazing, Delicious food stalls and shops. I found some of the snacks which i have'nt tried in my life. Actualy there is one snack which you will find in indore only. I will mention about that in this article ahead

So, after reaching Sarafa Bazaar we entered in the bazaar and found the very first shop named samosa corner, where you can get hot & spicy indian snack Samosa. Its traditional triangular shaped india snacks stuffed , Masala Potatos, dryfruits and served with the green and red Sauce.

After going ahead in the same street where you found the samosa shop you will find many vendors who are serving the Indoria chaat and deserts.

All the stalls giving a feel that we go there and try every deserts and snacks on the stalls. Every stall was so much illuminated with colorful lights and decorated which also attract foodies for atleast visit that stall once.

You can try all the stall there. But the main attraction of the market are 3-4 shops and stalls. The first and the most exciting is Joshi Dahi bade House. The way joshi ji serve the dahi vada to all the customers. He has a very unique style of throwing the dahivada plate in the air and then catch the plate very nicely and the dahi or vada doesn't even spill form the plate. Also he has a very unique style of putting the chilli, salt, black pepper etc in the dahivada. (Check the video for the same). And Ofcourse the dahi vada taste is awesome and you would definately enjoy it.

After going ahead you will find one more interesting snack called "Garaadu" which is quite famous in this market. its a type of a veggie and you will find it in fried form in Sarafa with little sprinkled masala(Spices) and Lemon juice on it. It taste really well and the spices and lemon made its taste awesome.

Going ahead, you should not miss the aaloo tikki from the stall of Agarwal tikki wala. Delicious, hot, Spicy and the sweet souce is amazing. i am sure you are excited to try all these after reading this.

There are so many other stalls of deserts who serves Moong Daal halwa, Ras Malai, Rasbhari, Maalpua, Gaajar Halwa etc. In the end of the market you will get one more cart whose name is sawariya seth khichdi which is basically sabut dana khicdhi and its quite famous here.

This Bazaar has so much variety of food and beverages to explore. Don't miss visiting sarafa while in indore. You will definately enjoy the taste of Sarafa Bazar.

Some of the glipmps of the Sarafa Bazaar.

Check the video on you tube for more updates and tasty food joints.