Trek to Singhad Fort

12th Aug 2016

I can recall the day we were watching ZNMD and decided to get together for a trip atleast each year. Been two years we last met and here we are heading to Pune for our first trip.

On the way to Pune from Chennai I witnessed a beautiful sunrise, something good about taking an early morning flight. Taking an early morning flight saves the day. as you land you are ready to explore the place.

Photo of Trek to Singhad Fort 1/3 by Apeksha Mahto

Day one itinerary has Trek to Singhad Fort. Initially we decided to go by bike but owing to bad weather we took a cab to Singhad. We were ready with our shoes and windcheater for a rainy trek. There was light showers and all hazy around, we could only see green patches between the fog. We climbed the fort and reached the tip, the wind was blowing at 100km/hr and suddenly realized we were wet. Due to high intensity of the wind we didn’t realized the rain showers. It was superb weather with rounds of rain and cold breeze. The path was slippery with water flowing all the way. To take away cold we had hot pit-bhakari, missal pav and yummy onion pakoda, all maharastrian special.

Photo of Trek to Singhad Fort 2/3 by Apeksha Mahto

On the way back we stopped at Khadakwasla dam, as we have ascended down the hill we could feel the warmth of the sun. The trek was easy with more of relishing the light shower and walking in the clouds.

We may not talk often but the bond remains the same, the understanding and trust is unbreakable. Cheers to our frienship!!!

Photo of Trek to Singhad Fort 3/3 by Apeksha Mahto