An Unplanned Hike To Singhad Fort

12 Jan 2019, Warje, Pune, Maharastra

It has been almost 2 weeks that I have been in Pune. My camera still lies in my gear bag untouched in last couple of weeks. I am leaving Pune in the next couple of days. As a photographer I could not just leave Pune without a photograph that reminds me of Pune everyday. As I am on an official trip, I am not getting free time to do so.
I realized that next day is Sunday. Open Google and I start type ‘Places to photograph in and around Pune’. I called my friends from Pune and as per suggestions Singhad fort is the final desination.

13 Jan 2019, Warje

5.00 am
Alarm Rings

5.30 am
Cab arrives. As per suggestions it was better to take public transport because parking at Singhad was a headache plus the unusual traffic jams. The cab took us to Abhiruchi City Pride Bus stand.

6.00 am, Abhiruchi City Pride
I got on the bus to Singhad. The bus passes by Kharagwasla Dam ( a photo destination on its own).

7.00 am, Singhad Fort Foothill
I arrived at the base of the hill on which Sighad fort stands. Sipped on to a couple cups of tea and next I am looking for the Jeeps that is going to take me uphill to the fort.
As told by my friends, I need not do the hike if I had only come for photographing the fort. After a tiresome workload week, I am not in a hiking thinking.
It seems, the road is under construction and so Jeeps are not running today. The only way up is hiking.
I ask ‘How much is the distance?’
The reply ‘Just a bit’.
And so I start.

9.30 am, Finally Singhad fort
600 m of elevation & nearly 4kms of climbing and finally I reach the fort. A lot happened in between. Sunday was in full bloom as the head count only kept increasing as I moved up & up.
As the equipments on my back felt heavier & heavier with each step, the views are also getting more beautiful. And then I see the local vendors carrying loads on their heads and climbing up like a piece of cake. It makes me realize more that sneakers and jeans are never a good friend of photography of this type.
The Nimbu pani (lemonade), Kakri (Cucumber) sold roadside gives the added boost. And finally when you are up there are a lot more to munch on as you enjoy the beauty.
An unplanned and unprepared hike later I click. The inner photographer kept telling me to return once more when it rains. The old walls and rocks would definitely get more photogenic when it wet. So for all the photographer out there, I would suggest you come here during the rainy season.
The fort majestic, the landscape beautiful and the experience amazing!

4.30 pm, Descending Down
It was a day that did not work out as per my plan. But it the end, it was satisfying. Because of the views, because of the photographs and plus, a lot more.