The Beautiful Popeye Village, Malta

Photo of The Beautiful Popeye Village, Malta 1/2 by Pragyan Saikia
Quintessential Popeye Village at Sunset - Photo by Michaela from Pexels

Popeye Village is a small picturesque village near Mellieħa, Malta. Situated next to the 'Anchor Bay'. The village was built as a film set for the 'Popeye Film' in 1980 and now it has turn into a tourist attractions. There are lot of fulfilled activity to do in the area, from strolling in the beach, cruising, hiking to exploring the artificial village of Popeye. It's also a perfect location for photography, so don't forget to dress well. Also, try to experience the evening sunset from a wooden deck, in the Village.

Experience the rides, enjoy a mini golf play, take a dip in the turquoise water and indulge yourself in a Malta delicacy cuisine, facing by the Sea side, and live a life like a 'Popeye' The sailor Man ... po po !!

Experience the amazing shows -

The Performers and animators provide regular entertainment for families while they are visiting the village, also interacts with the audience. They include:

The Puppet Show - Featuring five Popeye characters and the Puppet Master, the story is fully interactive with the children in the audience.

Photo of The Beautiful Popeye Village, Malta 2/2 by Pragyan Saikia
Turquoise water of Malta, Credit - Azure Golden Sands

The Figaro, Jerry Sprinjer Show, and many more ...

Also, the famous Popeye and his Friends show - A play featuring some famous and not so famous singers, each dance has been choreographed with attention to detail. It is this show where all the Popeye characters gather on stage to sing the Popeye theme song.

Things to Do -

Participate in the adventure at Seashell Dive Centre

Walk through the Wooden Popeye Village and cherish your childhood days

Win a 9-hole mini golf course game

Go for surfing in the Open Sea

Explore the Mellieha Parish Church

Stroll across the sandy beach and enjoy the sunset.

Go in a Malta Cruise along the Anchor Bay

Buy souvenirs or a memento

Collect your postcard from Popeye Cinema

Watch the making at Santa’s Toy Town

Time - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tickets for the original Popeye’s Village Malta are available at the gate. The maximum entrance fee is €15 for adults and €12 for children; tickets are cheaper in winter. All visitors get a complimentary welcome drink, wohoo ...

It's a very beautiful and serene place to visit, and also a great opportunity to revisit your childhood memories of cartoons and fantasy.

Happy Travelling