A trip to Kanha national park.🐯#lockdown

25th Apr 2020
Photo of A trip to Kanha national park.🐯#lockdown by Anushka Amlathe
Day 1

Kanha national park situated in Mandla district of Madhya pradesh.

4 February 2020

We started early morning from Sarni(a small town in betul district). The distance is about 300 kms to Mocha, which is the closest gate from us. As we rolled smooth on the chhindwara/seoni bypass. It was the chilling february morning. The road trips were always alluring. We reached at our resort Genx kanha which is situated on the outskirts, in the afternoon. Then spend the rest of the day relaxing and having a delicious dinner at the resort.

We pre-booked our morning safari for next day. So the next morning the driver was gonna pick us up at 5:30 am. The entry was scheduled at 6:30 am. We booked the safari for kanha gate, which is the most popular for spotting tigers. When we reached the entry gate there were a long line of open jeeps filled with tourists from all over the world ready with their cameras to get in. The drive starts into the most dense forest I have ever encountered, I was so excited about it. The morning chilly breeze touched our faces as we go deep into the jungle, surrounded by just trees for as far as we can see. The morning was foggy and we couldn't see much behind the woods. The spotting includes spotted deers, sambhars, Barasingha, barking deer, golden fox, langurs, birds like indian scoop owl, Indian rollers, grey-headed fish eagle, black stoke, who were just chilling along the lakes and basking in the sun in this winter morning. There was a black buck breeding center situation at the core of the forest. There was a museum at the center of it, which shows the diverse history of kanha national park. And it's Flora and fauna. As our resort is kind enough to pack us breakfast, we settled at the museum canteen to grab out aloo parathas with some hot tea sitting in the middle of a dense forest surrounded by wildlife. After leaving the museum we took a detour to see if we could spot a tiger but in vain. As it rained two days ago, the spotting of tigers, bisons, bears were rare because of the cold weather. We were disappointed of course but the overall journey was such a memorable one. As we reach our resort, we got to know about a place called ajgar dadar which was basically an open space to spot Indian python basking in the sun, that wasn't a typical tourism spot by the way with safety measures and alot of crowd. It was taken care by a forest ranger with some locals. The best time to spot them was in winters from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, as in the month of February we can only spot one python just few feets away from us lying still, relaxed which was amazing to watch. We had lunch at a local dhaba and came back to the resort. In the evening we went to explore the market which is filled with Souvenir shops. That was the end of my amazing trip to a place I have been dreaming of since childhood, to see wildlife out in the open in their own homes. National parks are indeed the best way to be with the nature without  interrupting it.

If you are a natural enthusiast kanha national park is just for you. You can check the hotel rate online and choose what fits into your budget.