Travel to Marseille for a football match

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Travelling to Marseille for a football match is the most popular way to see this historic city. The stadium where the two French nations have contested many matches is one of the most recognisable in all of Europe. Located in southern France right next to Cannes, it attracts large numbers of fans who travel from far and wide to watch the match. There are many attractions in and around the city which make travelling to Marseille for a football match more than worth the trip.

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A visit to Marseille will not be complete without paying a stop by at the city's famous Galeries de la Castre. Considered as one of the most important cultural centres in France, it is the centre of the arts and culture in the region. The colourful buildings, magnificent paintings and magnificent gardens are a delight to behold and visitors can take part in the many cultural activities and shows that are held here. The Galeries de la Castre also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a day of shopping before being able to return to the stadium.

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Many visitors prefer to spend their time during their time in the city visiting other sights that are more relaxing. Two of the main sights that can be seen in Marseille include the city's famous catacombs and the beautiful Saint Martin's Church. Other buildings that are worth seeing include the Museum de l' Operateurs, the Grand Casino and the Theatre National.

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For football fans, the nightlife in Marseille is one of the things that cannot be missed out on. There are plenty of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that offer visitors a chance to enjoy a nice evening in the city. These include the Barriers, Garage, Revue du Monde as well as other local hotspots. There are also many private and smaller clubs that offer guests a more intimate and enjoyable experience.

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For the best way to travel to Marseille for a football match there are two main methods of transport available. The traditional method of public transportation is by using the metro system. The metro is the most convenient way to travel to the city's centre as well as the main tourist areas, but it can be costly and the journey can take over an hour. Another option for arriving at the city's heart is using the train service.

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For those travelling from across the UK or Europe, the best option for travelling from London to Marseille is by Eurostar. Travellers can simply book their trip online and have the tickets delivered to their door. Another good option for arriving in the French capital is to use the local taxi services. Tourists can hire a car with several passengers and drive themselves, or they can book a minibus. Tourists can also choose to use the Eurobus service from London to Marseille and the French national rail company Algoestel runs a daily service from Gatwick to the French capital. These are just some of the ways that travellers can travel to Marseille for a football match.