Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries

8th Mar 2014
Photo of Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries 1/5 by Neelendra Nath
Photo of Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries 2/5 by Neelendra Nath
Photo of Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries 3/5 by Neelendra Nath
Photo of Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries 4/5 by Neelendra Nath
Photo of Europathon: 21 Days 14 Countries 5/5 by Neelendra Nath

I must wander, for new horizons won’t wander thither.

From 8th of March to 30th of March I will be traveling across 14 countries to visit some interesting places in Europe. This 21 day marathon will take me from the Mediterranean to cross the Arctic Circle. On this trip I will be crossing borders on foot, on two occasions, will enter a country through the sea and in the Finnish Lapland try to capture northern lights. I left Marseille on 8th of March 7:31 AM for Pisa and that marks the start of the journey. Travelling through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, SwedenDenmark and Germany, I am scheduled to reach back Marseille on 30th March at 1:58 PM.

I have been staying in Marseille since January 6 and have traveled to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and of course in France maintaining it as a base location. I start my Europathon of 14 countries from here!
Photo of Marseille, France by Neelendra Nath
Of course, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, but other than that also it is a very interesting small town with very vibrant open air market and a buzzing with tourist Piazza!
Photo of Pisa, Italy by Neelendra Nath
Rome has a history of over 2000 years still standing side by side to see - the city looks like a stage in which artist have put sculptures to create a scenography.
Photo of Rome, Italy by Neelendra Nath
Venice is amazingly beautiful! 118 Islands separated by water connected by bridges. Hang about by the canals, sip wine and float on the gondola!
Photo of Venice, Italy by Neelendra Nath
I wanted to cross borders on foot, so I went to Gorizia and from there walked over to Slovenia crossing border into the city of Nova Gorica. But I mixed up the route and reached late, missed my train. Had to spend another 3 hours waiting for the next train. Saw and did a lot of amazing things in those three hours - like learning how to couple and decouple a cargo train from the engine!
Photo of Nova Gorica, Slovenia by Neelendra Nath
Most amazing city I have seen till now, a place one would love to settle down in. Mostly my purpose here was to visit Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. The Castle could not work out because of timing but I visited the caves and they are amazing!
Photo of Ljubljana, Slovenia by Neelendra Nath
The home town of Mozart has an old city dotted with churches and museum with the castle as highlight on the top!
Photo of Salzburg, Austria by Neelendra Nath
Shonbrunn Palace Complex is very beautiful and so is the whole of Museum Quarter Area
Buda side of city is amazing. In the evening Danube and chain bridge look very beautiful. Go to the ruin bars at night, it is a must in the city. And last but not the least the thermal baths are the highlight of Budapest!
To start with it is nothing like Eurotrip - the movie showed it. It has a very beautiful old town area with a lot of history. It has been a city of prime importance in past. The castle gives the view of two countries!
Yes it is as beautiful as they say!
It gives me a thrill in walking across borders!
In the city for Auschwitz Tour - used it just as a base city thought Krakow itself has a lot to offer
Kindness might be constrained but cruelty knows no bounds!
It was just a pit stop to rest and take bus to Vilnius
Amazingly beautiful City
Cultural Capital of Europe for 2014 - A gem hidden in Eastern Europe!
Very well preserved medieval city
Mostly a business city has a lot of old stories hidden in here
A failed attempt to view Northern Lights but met Santa Claus and crossed arctic. Near it the official village of Santa Claus, even the airport of Rovaniemi is called the official airport of Santa Claus and how many new it is the biggest city in Europe.
Just to walk between time zones
If you want to know Viking Stories!
If in town must visit free city of Christiania!
Busiest city of Germany which I have seen so far and very beautiful. It was my last destination in this trip.