When North East Calls

22nd Sep 2017

When North-East Calls

A short trip to shillong, Meghalaya.. Misty affair in the mountains.

Shillong has been wonderful to me. The place is nothing short of a very modern mountain city, teeming with cute cafe's and education homes. Few of the places caught my attention and when I return to Shillong again, I definitely plan to visit those. Starting from the huge golf course in the middle of the town, then the Don Bosco Square, which is having cute churches and lots of schools near by... There is beautiful Ward's lake also and gives you option of boating too.

For history lover, you will get many museums also to visit and a visit to Dylan's café is a must. It is one of the cutest café in Eastern India, I guess.

I have visited Police Bazar which is a bit overhyped though as once you belong from any mega city in India, you will not find anything alluring to buy there.

The drive from Guwahati to shilling is nice and pleasant and the roads are beyond expectation. We tend to believe that north east still remains under-developed but in reality, it is not. It has much better roads than we find in few mega cities even.

Drive from Guwahati to shilling will take some 3 hours and hassle free, only at the junction where we enter shilling, traffic is bit slow. Get some munchies handy while you be inside car. The cars you hire, will take around INR 2000 if Ac car and Non-Ac car will charge you some INR 1200.

Try having you accommodation near to police bazar as that is the nerve zone of the capital. I have stayed at Hotel Polo Towers which if you book through online portal, will charge INR 4000 for one night along with your complimentary breakfast.

For going around the city, you will find black and yellow cabs down at police bazar junction and tends to charge you INR 200 for one trip to any of the above mentioned sight-seeing places.

I will write more about the trip in the next post where I shall mention about my journey to cherrapunjee and Dawki too. Till then enjoy the pictures.

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