Amazing Helicopter Ride @ Meghalaya

19th Feb 2019
Day 1

Trip to Meghalaya with helicopter

I always wanted to travel to North East, India. Thanks to AirAsia sale. I got good deal for Pune- Kolkata which extended to Guwahati too as kolkata Guwahati flight was just 1500 ru.

I was  going with the flow and that's how I landed up in Shillong ,my first North East trip. I m solo traveller so it's easy to just let myself flow where the wind takes.

Here  glimpses of my trip -


I landed at Kolkata at 1.15 am and told that it's safe to travel at those hours also as a solo female. Thanks to Ola/ Uber😊

I booked a bed in dormitory (only female) in Hostel Backpackers Park @ Park street.

I stayed for 2 nights there before flying to Guwahati.

Met nice people in hostel and made a new friend who made my birthday memorable . As second day in Kolkata was my birthday and this trip is birthday gift I gifted to myself. Just off record- I gift myself travel trip on every special occasion of my life as Travelling is not a hobby but kinda life line for me! Haha..

This new friend made sure that on my birthday I should have special memory n he got out of his way and bought gift for me. It's such a lovely gesture . This kind of experiences make us to believe that there are such a wonderful people around in this world.

I should write an article on just The wonderful people I met during the trips.

 I had enjoyed 2 days in kolkata. One night 2 days in Guwahati. Honestly, Guwahati I didn't like much so I took a share taxi from paltan bazar, Bus stand and went to Shillong. The drive was nice. Beautiful hill n before reaching Shillong the beautiful lake.

I made Shillong as my base for 5 days and took day trips to explore Meghalaya.

There are lots of hotels n specially Oyo hotels. 

I stayed in Oyo 18330 ,Jo's guest house for all 5 days. It was peaceful and took share taxi to go to Police bazar which is hub of Shillong.

I booked day tours conducted by Meghalaya goverment the office is near police bazar they have 3 different tours each day. One has to book tour a day in advance. 

There are article written on it so I m not going in detail for it.This tours are good and perfect if you are travelling solo or just a couple as taxi are expensive to hire on ur own. For bigger groups taxi are good option . One can rent taxis also from tourist office as there rates are reasonable.

I enjoyed my daily tour as it comes with guide ,  Hassel free and I met other travellers during the day trips which enrich my experience . Apart from places and scenery my major attraction is the people you meet during travel that's one of other reason I travel solo so I m open to talk with other travellers.

During my stay in Shillong I came to know about Helicopter ride. Some how while doing RND about trip to Shillong I didn't came across to this info and honestly the Helicopter ride became "The Highlight" of my trip.

There is helicopter ride to and fro from Guwahati airport to Shillong. They have office on Guwahati airport and in Shillong across the Tourist office where you will book your tours.

There are 2 helicopter rides every day from Shillong to Guwahati at 9 am and at 1 pm daily.

For 20-25 mins ride it cost 1500 INR only .The view you get from helicopter is priceless. 

They allow 10 kilo luggage per passenger.

The helicopter is 12 seater. I will highly recommend it to take this ride as it's cheapest helicopter ride in India or any where in world(I assume) 

It's life time experience. The experience and the scenery what I saw during my ride was mind blowing.

As I was travelling in Feb so it was clear sky. I got information that during high rain and fog they cancel the helicopter ride not whole season but when the visibility is not clear.

Meghalaya is beautiful, Amazing place with nice people. I felt safe as travelling solo female.

I am looking forward to my next North East trips as want to meet all 7 sisters.

Travel light and Fly high!!

To book helicopter ride-

 make a phone call or SMS to this number 9435145033 for your booking prior to two days of journey. After that they will confirm your reservation. Also you have to make Cash payment at Guwahati airport where there counter works or at Shillong helicopter office if you are flying from Shillong to Guwahati. 

Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Preeti Kothari
Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Preeti Kothari
Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Preeti Kothari
Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Preeti Kothari