The Friendliest country in the world-Mexico

17th Jan 2020

Mexico The Most Friendliest Country in the World

Photo of The Friendliest country in the world-Mexico by TSNP THIRTY SIXTY NINETY PRODUCTION

Breaking Bad, one of the most acclaimed series in the world involves a country that is the friendliest? That’s exactly right! Even though many of the plot lines and characters are based on the Mexican Cartels, Mexico is actually one of the friendliest countries in the world! If you look beyond the cartels, the crime-lords and the drugs, Mexico is one of the most beautiful, charming and friendliest countries in the world “There’s no such thing as a specific authenticity to what Mexico is, because Mexico is incredibly complex and varied, and the food is completely different if you travel 50 kilometres. It just changes all the time. ”— GAEL GARCIA BERNAL. Mexico is the home of tacos, burritos and tequila! If there is somewhere to be to have a good time, it’s definitely Mexico! Mexicans are definitely some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. A warm-hearted culture that is eager to share their wealth of history and abundance of delicious food, Mexicans are the people to have a good time with. Research says that 94% of the tourists that come to Mexico are willing to settle here. Talk about making someone feel right at home! “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” can justify why people instantly love Mexico! The Mexican cuisine has chillies and lemons included in all their preparations. Spicy, tangy and tasty, similar to Indian cuisine, Mexican food will leave you licking your lips. A country that is eager to help will obviously be one of the top places to make people feel right at home. Mexicans are well known for their helping nature, making people feel at home and friendly nature. Who wouldn’t want to move there right now In Mexico people mostly speak Spanish, a language that rolls right off the tongue and is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Music is a language that speaks to the soul. Mexican music uses flutes, rattles and conches. Jarabe Tapatío (called the Mexican Hat Dance) and Mariachi music are what gets the Mexicans grooving! Like any other country, Mexico has its fair share of museums. But unlike any other country, has one hundred and fifty museums just in Mexico City! Mexico City is touted to be the next Paris! Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico (MUJAM), Museo del Objeto del Objeto (the Museum of the Purpose of the Object) Museo de Enervantes (Narcomuseum) are just a few of the many niche museums under Mexico’s hefty belt of museums. Cultural history which dates back centuries, colonial architecture, vibrant colours, Mexico has enough to inspire you to pack your bags an head on for an adventure there! For more on Mexico you can check our video here on tripoto. 5 things that makes Mexico the most friendliest country in the world.