Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth

20th Oct 2017

Devkund-visual treat

Photo of Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth by Grownup kid

Where is it?

Devkund is 110kms from the city Pune. It’s beyond the Tamhini Ghat, Mulshi Dam and MIDC. A simple search of Devkund Waterfalls will take you to the entrance of the waterfalls. Google Maps won’t ask you to jump off the mountain in the middle of the journey to reach the waterfalls; you can trust it in this case. The landmark is Tata power plant at Bhira village. The road to Devkund varies from smooth to no-road-only-potholes. So it will take at least 2.5-3 hours to reach this place. A person collects Rs.10/ person near the entrance of the village. I have no idea why is he collecting that money?

Where to park my vehicle?

You can park your vehicle at the entrance. They charge Rs.30/vehicle. The parking area is just an open field with no cover.

Is Guide mandatory?

Not necessarily. You don’t have to hire a guide to reach the waterfalls because there is a clear way through the jungle to reach waterfalls. But the person in charge there used his trump card-sentiment. He said that hiring the guide will help that poor person to earn some money. They ask Rs.100/person but we paid only Rs.350 for six people. Our guide had ID card from some government authorization agency.

How far to Trek?

Photo of Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth 1/1 by Grownup kid

You have to trek for 7 km. For most part of the trek, you have to walk on the flat ground. Just for few meters you have to climb. So the trekking does not really test your strength but your stamina and endurance. The trekking is one of the best experiences I have ever had. You have to trek through the jungle and small streams formed by the waterfalls. It’s absolutely fun to trek in this jungle. You should be careful while crossing the creeks as the stones in between as they are slippery. See the picture of the trekking way.

Photo of Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth by Grownup kid

There is a bridge made of woods with literally no railings on the side for the support. It’s enthralling to walk on this bridge. Take this bridge only if you are confident that you can make it. Else you can take the easy and safe route of crossing the stream on the stones locate in between the flowing water.

Any wild animals?

Photo of Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth by Grownup kid

Our guide guaranteed us that there are no wild animals in the jungle but he has shown us a snake on the tree.

Devkund waterfalls

The sound coming from the waterfalls when you are nearer will definitely excite you. Upon reaching there what you see is completely from Avatar world, pure magical visual that nature has laid upon us. It looks like that nature has melted the silver and pouring it from the hills. Somehow the silver is turn into greenish blue water pool after hitting the earth. The greenish blue water is a feast to our eyes. You won’t feel any exhaustion after seeing the waterfalls. The trek is worth to reach the waterfalls. See the image.


The village is not a commercialized place. So pack your backpacks with the food items and biscuits. Carry lot of water, lime water and energy drinks. Spare clothes and a bag to put wet clothes.

This is the best place to trek after the monsoon is over. Go there and enjoy with your friends. You will remember this place for a very long time.

Photo of Devkund waterfalls-heaven meets the earth by Grownup kid