Island Life - Nusa Penida

1st Aug 2018
Photo of Island Life - Nusa Penida 1/1 by Roshan Chugh (@vagabondfootsteps)

If there is paradise on earth it is the Nusa Penida islands. The place where me and nature were as one single existence. A 200 sq km island which is situated south of Bali, Nusa Penida has so many views and it was very hard to pick a favourite amongst them.I got to Nusa Penida by boat from Sanur harbour, it's a 30 minute boat ride which involves tossing around to its prime. At Nusa Penida there are many ways to manoeuvre around like renting a bike or you can always opt for a pre booked day tour which will show you around all the places. Odds are that in Nusa Penida there will be a price hike from Bali as rightly they get all their supplies from the island, no vegetables are grown here and most of their produce comes from Bali, bargain to a happy medium always as everybody wants to make a deal there. My tour was pre booked by Ithaka, a Mumbai based team which helped me sort out the places I should be visiting while I was on my trip. They were my travel assistants and, they were spot on with their recommendations to me during my stay. I owe my Nusa Penida experience to them. However, the roads here are unstable, they are treacherous and dangerous. Getting from one place to another takes double the time and if you are unlucky the road might pop a few tyres. I visited Angels Billabong beach, Broken Beach, Crystal Bay beach and the famous Kelingkling beach.Turquoise blue water I had never seen before the whole experience was ridiculously speechless. Waves on the beaches of Angels Billabong, Broken Beach and Kelingking beach are not kind, mother nature is absolutely beautiful here but with a bad temper. The waves can pull you back into the ocean with ease, and never to be found again. the beaches here are not for novice swimmers. The natural infinity pool at Angels Billabong was closed for us as the waves were getting massive and more dangerous. The Kelingking beach is a replica of a dinosaur shape, one of the most breath taking views. The hike to go down to the Kelingking beach is not easy, you have to pay a price which is cardio of a high level. Also, dangerous as your feet will be on unstable ground which is very steep and with a short railing on either side. the safety at this beach for the hike is reliant on bamboo sticks. Personally i did this hike and of course the view from the beach was surely worth it but i strongly recommend you to consider your physical body before opting for the hike cause you can always enjoy the view from the top. For scuba divers and snorkelers I would recommend the waters of Crystal Bay as here the waves are calmer and suitable for swimmers. At Nusa Penida you will not find any fancy restaurants and cafes like Bali, plenty of warungs(restaurants) are located near the various view points and beaches. Gutted to have limited time on the island but i heard and i read online that Atuh beach and the famous beach bungalow of Rumah Pohon are also beautiful with amazing views. Ideally one should live in Nusa Penida for at least one night and visit all the beaches and viewpoints, However if you are short on time like me the day tours are always fun. It's a date with nature, its special and at some spots you must just stop taking pictures or talking to your group members or guide and just witness the sounds of nature, the waves splashing the hard waves, the sound of the wind, its magical! Very happy to have visited this place and humbled by my many experiences here, Nusa Penida is a definite recommendation if you are in Bali. Also, if you are headed to Bali do get in touch with Ithaka as their team is warm and helpful to all your needs and their tours are decently priced compared to what you might be offered in Bali.