The Famous Marine Drive Of Mumbai

21st Oct 2018

As i live in Mumbai i have visit Marine Drive a lot of time. Yesterday being a sunday me and my friend decided to enjoy the evening at Marine Drive. It is one of the most famous place in Mumbai and all have must seen it in many films and on net. So this article is specially for them who live in Mumbai and never visited there are you are on a Mumbai trip. If you want to spend a peaceful evening with spectacular view of sea Marine Drive is the place you should visit.


You can reach Marine Drive by your car or bike if have. Alternatively you can take or auto/cab. And if you want to reach by local train take a local to Marine Line station and from there it will be a walking distance or you can take a auto its up to you.


The best experience you will get is at Sunset and night. Also that's the time most crowd is. You can sit and relax in the beautiful environment or can talk a walk or do some exercise. You will also found small food vendor selling chip, cokes and other food items. The area is well monitored by Police. Overall its a very nice and relaxing place to spend 2-3 hours and enjoy the nature and sea.


Photo of The Famous Marine Drive Of Mumbai 1/1 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh